Any way to add shipping flexibility?



I just took my first Soylent 2.0 subscription this week and am having a bit of a delivery issue in Canada. Basically, it seems that since I tried 1.5 this summer (Canada Post then left the box on my doorstep inside my small apartment building), Soylent has changed shipping partners to Purolator, who refused to do so and left me a notice that I need to pick up the order within 5 business days.

I tried calling Purolator, who replied that Soylent explicitly requires all orders to be signed regardless of whether I waived delivery signature for my shipments and that there is no way that I can have the order actually delivered to me. I specifically tried asking support at to proactively make sure this would not be an issue, but did not get a reply in time.

The issue being that Soylent 2.0 is actually pretty heavy since it’s in liquid form, and the nearest office is a 30-45 minutes walk away from my home and I do not have access to a car. I’d like to know if there’s a way to have more delivery flexibility with regards to signature; otherwise, it’s entirely a dealbreaker for me and I’ll have to stop ordering altogether, which I’d hate to do because I love the product. But Soylent is about efficiency and this just makes it pointless. Is there a way to have this fixed for my current order? Will I have the same issue for all of my orders? If not, can I cancel my current order and have it shipped back to Soylent for a refund?

Hoping I’ll get some help from Soylent folks here since support didn’t reply.



In the US it isn’t required that we sign for the Soylent package. I don’t know why it would for Canada.


@Conor can help you out, send him a PM with the email address you use for Soylent subscription.

I doubt Rosa Labs explicitly requires all orders to be signed for your area only, but I don’t work for them.


In most cases where I get a signature required box I think it’s the shipper not realizing the default was signature required for their shipping method and/or they checked a box on accident. I hope that’s the case here in which case it could be fixed. It’d be weird if they intentionally required a signature in Canada but not in the US.


Thanks for the suggestion, just PM’d him!


We don’t require signature. I’m sorry for all the confusion and delays.


I’m in Canada also, and I’m having exactly the same problem with Purolator.

EDIT: Removed incorrect information. Oops, sorry!

Still, it’s too heavy to carry 24 bottles even a ten minute walk, so I will probably have to Uber back from [redacted]. The only way it makes sense is if I can actually get it delivered to my home. It’s super frustrating. If there were some way to just let delivery people into my building when I’m gone and tell them to leave stuff at my door, that would make life easier.


Bro. Do you even lift.


I had the exact opposite experience. Previously all my orders would go through Purolator. Since 2.0 they’ve been going through Canada Post, and they will let anyone living at the address to take the shipment (doesn’t have to be me per se).


You can apply for a SNR (Signature Not Required) label from Purolator, it’s a barcode sticker that they scan upon delivery, you can put it on your front door.


That actually wouldn’t work, according to the Purolator rep I talked to yesterday. Apparently, the supposed restriction from Soylent (which they deny having in place, so I’m not sure what’s happening in terms of communication) overrides any SNR label and Purolator’s system won’t allow delivery without a signature no matter what.

That was the rep’s first suggestion to me until they realized it wouldn’t be feasible. Which is why Soylent needs to intervene rather than dealing with Purolator ourselves.


Well I’m based in Toronto and I use SNR label for my 1.5 subscription.


Simple, simple solution:

Chug 23 bottles at the post office. Carrying one bottle for the ten minute walk home is a breeze.


@RevoDS, forget what I said about Canada Post’s FlexDelivery service. It doesn’t work with Purolator, it only works if Canada Post is delivering the package. Only Canada Post has access to the PO boxes.

Soylent 2.0 shipping in Canada is too flippin' hard right now, and here's exactly how Rosa Labs can solve that [SOLVED]

@Conor, I live in Montreal, Canada and this is what Purolator said to me in an email:

If you can get Ingram Micro to waive this requirement for Soylent shipments, that could solve the problems that me and RevoDS (and probably a lot of other Canadians) are having with getting deliveries. Right now, my dealings with Purolator are a logistical headache.


I’m still getting my shipments through Canada Post. Seems like RL has some kind of automated system that chooses the “best” option each time out of a variety of possibilities, rather than just using one courier for every order. I wish they would let us choose our preference, though. Some people prefer Purolator, others prefer CP. It depends on where they live and what their local delivery guys are like. It’s great that RL deals with both, but it would be nice to allow customers to make the choice.


Thank you for the additional information. I’m sorry again for the frustration this has caused.


@RevoDS, here’s the best solution I was able to work out. I emailed Purolator and asked them if they could move the shipment closer to my home. For some arcane reason, they couldn’t move it the closest Purolator office, but thankfully they did move it to an office about a 20-minute drive from where I live that also, by luck, is right by where I go to school.

Purolator requires you to show a government-issued ID with your current address on it or an ID and a separate proof of address. For proof of address, you can use an electricity bill, bank statement, credit card bill, Internet bill, or anything on this list.

The shipment was mercifully separated into three boxes of 24 bottles each (two 12-packs), so I could carry them one by one to the curb. I got an Uber home (for $12), and now I have two weeks’ worth of Soylent. I wouldn’t want to repeat this process every two weeks (or every month with six boxes), but for now I have Soylent again and I am happy.


I’d also like the option of choosing another shipping provider. For some reason, Fedex regularly forgets my apartment is an actual place, usually depending on how heavy the box they’re trying to deliver is. >__>