Any way to thin out psyllium husk?


So I messed with my tried-and-true recipe and cut my old fiber source in half and replaced the other half with psyllium husk. HUGE MISTAKE! Now I make gag-inducing pudding. My old recipe I could blend the night before and chill it overnight and it stayed a nice smooth consistency all day. I use Garden of Life Fiber as my main fiber source. In an effort to reduce cost I went with half garden of life and half psyllium. BZZZZZZZZ!

Now I don’t enjoy my shakes anymore. In fact I find the texture repulsive. The problem is I made up 8 days worth at a time! What a stupid mistake! Generally I try a new recipe for a day or two before I consider it good. For some reason I didn’t this time. Now I have to feed myself 7 more days with this crap.

I figure I can dilute it with more water and up the flavorings and just deal with not enjoying my drink for the next week. Is there any other option? Any way to cut the pudding effects of psyllium? Each day is in a Tupperware, all powders mixed and ready to add water/flavor/oil.

What about fiber?

Drink it right when you add the oil and water. That shouldn’t give it any time to puddify.
I had the same problem with mine. If you let it sit it just becomes more and more like pudding. It will still be thicker than what you were used to, but it should still be drinkable without the gulping.


That’s what I figured @HarveyDesu. I was just hoping there was a way to actually enjoy the next weeks worth of shakes like I have been up till now. Sigh,


@bigepidemic did you have an updated version of your tried and true recipe? I’m gunna place another Amazon order in the next few days and I wanted to try your recipe


I’m stuck with another 6 days of my recipe with the crummy psyllium in the mix. When it’s gone I’m done with psyllium and I’ll return to my old recipe. It’s so much more enjoyable and I like pre-making the shakes the night before. That’s impossible right now.