Anybody else going to Dreamforce?


I’m going to be heading to the Dreamforce conference in just over 2 weeks. Is anybody else that’s doing official or DIY going too? I’m really looking forward (not) to seeing what the TSA says about it. I’ll be there for a full 7 days so I’m going to pack a 2 days worth (for egermencies) in my carry-on but the rest will be in my checked baggage.

I did a sort of trial run a week ago when I spent almost a week doing DIY in my hotel room. I learned that I need to bring along a small bottle of dish soap and a scrub brush =)


I just drove a Budget truck from Indiana to Oregon. About 7 days visiting and packing and 4 days driving. Ate my DIY about 50%. Definitely need small dish soap, brush and small drying rack. I hate doing dishes on the road. Also had a small ice chest to keep mixed DIY in. Could have been better but it worked.

Also go my 1 week shipping notice on the last day of the trip! Probably better to test Soylent on a normal week anyway.


If money is absolute top priority, buy a 6 pack of bottled water and use them as your mixing bottles. Bring a funnel and buy bottles when you arrive or pre pour dry powder into bottle before you go if you have space and fill with tap when you get there.

Recycle bottles when done, no dishes.


Never had an issue with airport security both nationally and internationally. Just telling them it’s a protein powder is usually more than enough for carry-on. This is what I did for an outdoor music festival, which should be much easier if you’ve got a hotel room.