Anybody from the Midwest/Eastcoast Got Anything?


As you can see from the post of several patrons of soylent receiving their orders but predominantly most are from the bay area, I’m just curious to know if anyone received soylent living in the midwest or the estcoast ?


I have not. No shipment notification of starter kit either.

Just be patient, it’s coming.


I’m east coast. Starter kit will arrive tomorrow.


I’m in Utah, haven’t gotten any notifications or kits yet. Ordered 2 months of non-vegan.
@jzig Did you order regular or vegan Soylent?


8 weeks regular #1205


mate certainly not 8 weeks if you’ve ordered for a month or plus , this is how they started and seems like they’ve scratched that out .

"While we are still assembling the final shipping lists, we can give general guidelines for when your order should ship, based on its size:

Week 1: 1+ month orders
Week 2: 1 month
Week 3: 1 month
Week 4: 1-3 weeks
Week 5+: 1 week
This estimate assumes that we experience some delays while scaling up shipping capacity."


I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Eight weeks would put me into Week 1.


He’s saying those were the original estimates, but they’ve striked out those lines now, and updated the text to say they aren’t making any estimates until shipping ramps up.


Yeah, I would have just deleted this part of the blog post but I assumed striking the text out would be enough of an indication that this information is no longer valid.


Located in Missouri. 5 weeks ordered. Non-Vegan. No notification yet of the Starter Kit, no Soylent yet.


East coast and my starter kit hasn’t shipped yet. I originally ordered a month but canceled my order and changed to one week so I’ll probably be one of the last to get mine.

I would think all the beta testers would be from the Bay area, so they’d probably get theirs first?


10 weeks, not Vegan, Alaska.
Don’t even have the email for my starter kit yet. :frowning:

However, it can’t be that far away anymore :smile:


I’m in Arizona. Ordered 8 weeks non-vegan. Was part of the original crowdfunding. Haven’t gotten any shipping emails yet.


2 months non-vegan, Missouri. Starter kit email 4/21, arrived 4/26, no shipping emails for the Soylent itself however.


Similar location to @terraomnia , 2 months non-vegan as well.
No starter kit email, no soylent shipping email, billed for add on month on 4/16.


9 weeks regular. nothin but crickets on emails or shipments


Dallas, TX here, 2 month non-vegan. Got my email on Saturday for the starter kit (showing a ship date of 4/21) and received the starter kit yesterday. No word yet on the shipment of Soylent.


Northern Va. 2 months ordered, then added a month last week. 3 months total. No starter kit notification, no soylent shipping notification. :frowning:


This is the point of biggest confusion for me.


I just wish there was some kind of update on what’s going on…

even if it’s just “we messed up hold tight…”

@JulioMiles anything you can tell us?


I feel like we’ve taken numbers and are standing in line waiting.
We don’t what number is being served right now or even our own numbers.
It makes us all a little antsy.