Anyone added caffeine?


I continue down my path of trying to eliminate other items from my day and one of the last things I tend to do is drink coffee and diet soda. I’ve tried to quit before but have always struggled with the loss of caffeine. Wondering if anyone has tried or considered adding caffeine powder to their DIY to see if it would take the edge off removing Coffee and Soda. Curious if anyone has tried this already?


I’ve never done it, but a lot of the nootropics guys are using it in their stack. Caffeine would make the taste really bitter, I would think.


Yes actually…Amazon has a 1lb bag of pure caffeine…Adds some bitterness but def a time saver.


For whatever my personal experiences are worth…

My daily “energy regimen” pre-Soylent contained around 150mg of caffeine taken twice daily. I had been taking pretty regularly for years. When I started on Soylent, I stopped all other supplementation 100% just to establish a baseline of Soylent alone (not that I was 100% Soylent where food is concerned, I just didn’t want other supplementation). I found that there was absolutely no need for caffeine at all. I was astonished in fact that my energy levels basically were what they had always been with my daily regimen.

I’m actually back on that regimen again, not because I lack energy with Soylent but because there’s an extra mood boosting component that I really enjoy, and Soylent alone doesn’t give me that (though mood is overall quite stable with Soylent).

So you might just try going Soylent and dropping caffeine cold turkey, and see how it goes. For me, it was a cinch (and this was NOT the case previously when I would just skip my supplements but eat conventional food!)


I did caffeine in my DIY for about a month. I didn’t really notice a difference and so just stopped. Oddly enough I do add it in the morning when I’m taking care of my 3 year old daughter. I take allergy medicine in every morning and it only affects me on daughter days. It almost knocks me out. I am a programmer and have absolutely no issues when I wake up and go to work.

As others have said, when I started my DIY I dropped caffeine completely. I think it is more about figure out how much Soylent or soylent you need to drink to make you feel right. Of course the DIY is more complicated because you can do pretty much whatever you want.

Also, remember that caffeine is pretty safe but may not be right for everybody. If you have high blood pressure then it is not a good idea. Also remember that you will probably be buying pure caffeine and it is very strong. I think I’ve heard 7 grams can put you in the hospital. Make sure you get a good scale that can measure to 0.01 grams. This is the one I bought: It is pretty good. The scales are about $10 so it won’t break you.


I just want to second Jeff’s warning. Be careful with caffeine powder and get a good scale. People have been hospitalized and died at doses between 1 and 2 grams. I have been thinking about adding caffeine to my mix as well, but it would be one of the few ingredients I would have to be very careful not to get confused with the others. Mix day is generally a sea of white powders on the table. :smile:


Simpler and safer to pop a caffeine pill on the side? That way you know you’re getting the exact dose.


I will third this. Our bodies can deal with many chemicals in less than ideal quantities. Caffeine can kill you easily. When you drink it, manufacturers put in a tiny enough quantity that any normal human drinking diet coke, coffee, etc. as quickly as is comfortable will not come close to the toxicity level. However, a tiny bit goes a long way, and powdered caffeine must be dosed extremely carefully. I have heard that pure caffeine can permeate a human’s skin, meaning using gloves may be wise. However I have not honestly researched the science behind that to say for sure, so do not quote me on it. The point is, be really fucking careful with raw caffeine.


Absolutely! And all the feedback and reviews on Amazon stress a scale…I bought a good digital one and did the conversions so I don’t have to use it every time…For example how much a tapped and leveled 1/8 teaspoon contain etc…And by teaspoon I mean a real teaspoon, not something outta the drawer I stir coffee with.

Like was mentioned above…Can’t stress the be very very very careful often enough.


I tried two variants: freeze dried instant coffee to Choco blend and Pepsi to Organic.
The last one makes me crazy:)


“Crazy” how?


Well, I can compare drinking 100%FOOD with plugging to 110V outlet,
when I dilute it with Pepsi - I feel that I plugged to 220V.
No extra heart beat, but drive…


I prefer to actually drink coffee. Coffee, in moderation, has several different health benefits, and not all of them come from the caffeine. Since I enjoy coffee, I use it to get my caffeine, as well as the other benefits.

Per a Mayo Clinic article,

Studies have shown that coffee may have health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer. It also appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression.


Shame that it tastes like coffee. Ugh.