Anyone baked with medicated Soylent?


In the world of medical marijuana, there are many patients for whom inhalation (smoke, vapor) are unacceptable means of getting their medicine. A common alternative approach is baked goods and other edibles, from the classic marijuana brownies, to cakes, cookies, lolipops, and even commercially pre-packaged chocolate candy bars.

The issue in most of these cases is that these treats are often loaded with sugar, fat, and other things that might not be ideal for a patient long term. If their condition requires a high degree of medication on a regular basis, this really isn’t the best scenario.

On the other hand, if one could cook the same sorts of treats (or at least cookies, cakes, brownies, etc.) using Soylent instead, they would deliver the medication in a far more nutritious form factor. In cases especially where the patient may have severe appetite loss, adequate nutrition is also essential and Soylent could be a tremendous aid in that regard.

Has anyone explored the potential for medicated Soylent? I’d love to hear about results if so!


Wouldn’t soylent simply replace the flour that is used in other recipes? If so it would have more nutrition, but the negatives of the sugar and other additives to make a good tasting brownie or cookie recipe for example would still exist.


@isaackotlicky has posted several recipes for cookies, pies, and artificial life forms using his DIY soylent. I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to add more green…


**Disclaimer: I have never personally engaged in self medicating of any kind, though I have had discussions with those who have.

I could actually see soylent “medicated” pizza being pretty tasty if you do it right. AFAIK, the best/easiest way to cook with that is to create an oil extract of the active compounds and incorporate that into the recipe as a replacement for the fats and oils. If the taste change is relatively mild, you should be able to get away with the additional green in your soylent without a significant adaptation.

I have also heard suggested that a slow cooked beef, potato, and barley stew is an effective method of ingestion.

Again, I have never experienced any of this first hand. This is based upon the information I have gleaned from both my personal connections and the internet.


Interesting, thanks all. Yes since Soylent would essentially just be the flour in any mix, I suppose one could basically make any normal baked good and add the medicated oil/butter as needed. I don’t actually make such items myself so I doubt I’ll ever try, but I find the idea quite interesting.


Well, soylent is a little more than just the flour. In most cases, it would also substitute for the protein content in a recipe, such as the eggs in a cake that provide the loft.

If you’re looking to bake cakes or breads with a lower flour/carb content recipe, you’ll also be well advised to add in some baking powder to substitute for the inability to use yeast.

For my pizza crust, I just add spice, some baking powder, my oil and a enough water to make it kneadable into a pan.


Remember that baking powder has sodium, so account for that, especially if you’re trying to limit intake.

I took a different approach and did some DIY soylent baking this weekend using added gluten and yeast (but no “medication”!) and it worked pretty well, actually.


That’s what I did - cut out NaCl in favor of KCl and added in the baking powder as needed.

Good to know gluten+yeast works for rising. I might have to try that some time.


Here’s the recipe I’ve been experimenting with, using yeast. It needs more work but I’m trying to alter it slowly, since baking can be finicky. But, it’s pretty light & tasty at this point so I’ve decided to make it public. It even includes herbs (though of the mundane variety :wink: )

I’ve actually been baking half batches in an 8x8 pyrex (I can get 4 half-day experimental soylents in on a weekend by doing half batches) and have not tried a full batch in a 9x13 yet.

The amount produced by a half batch in an 8x8 pyrex doesn’t look like much, but it’s crazy filling.


That’s exactly the same result I’ve discovered. It doesn’t FEEL like it’s heavier than muggle food, but for some reason I’m always more content and less inclined to over-eat with my smaller amounts of soylent than when I have the typical addictive “regular” foods.

I tend to do the same and mix and match multiple flavors simultaneously. Currently, a full days worth of soylent is a cup and a half of powder, and my measuring cup has a marker for 3/4’s of a cup, which makes the half batch process easy.

Apple sauce is a great mix-in. Just like for normal cakes, it helps retain moisture. Beer really enhances the malty, bread-like flavor of the plain batch. I’ve found that my favorite simple recipe is to just add salsa - it’s extremely low calories, but adds loads of vegetables, vitamins, and flavor.