Anyone buy stuff from stores? I'm in Portland and I want to buy stuff tomorrow if I can


I’ve seen most people online, and I’ll probably do that, but I’m curious if anyone’s been successful buying in store.

I know Rob mentioned going to brew stores, and I’ll probably do this.

But does anyone have suggestions for stores to look for or check out?


“and want to buy stuff tomorrow”

…Don’t. I believe that Soylent is safe if it’s done right, but right now it’s very experimental, and everyone has to find their own ideal mix.
Everyone has to make sure they don’t overdose on some vitamins and nutrients, which can be very very easy and very very bad.

When I first heard of soylent I wanted to immediately have it too, but actually following through on that urge it’s quite possible you would end up killing yourself.

You should check out the different spreadsheets you can find scattered accross these forums, inform yourself a bit about recommended intakes etc, and then make your own spreadsheet, detailing your suppliers and the exact products you are going to use, with all their ingredients etc.

When it comes to actually buying stuff in physical stores, you’ll probably end up visiting health stores, fitness stores, a chemist and a supermarket. :slight_smile:


I will absolutely be cautious in consuming things.

I’m wanting to buy tomorrow because I’m in Portland just this weekend and I normally don’t have as many places around me to visit. Eventually I’ll probably buy online like most other people but I’m still hoping to go see the ingredients in person so I know more what I’m dealing with.


You should be able to buy all of the ingredients or their equivalents listed in this thread at most health food stores in Portland.