Anyone charged for Backerkit Add-ons yet?


Title pretty much says it all. Has anyone been charged for their add-ons yet? I am assuming that once they start getting charged, shipping should quickly follow.


im still showing a balance


My card still has not been preauthorized.


Still no pre-auth on my card either, but the text on the BackerKit site has changed…

Your order is being processed!

You can expect your rewards to be shipped soon. Your credit card will be billed soon for [total]


mine says that now too, but still showing i havent paid for my extras


Same here, waiting for the charge to hit.


Also same. What’s the matter @JulioMiles , don’t you want our money? lol


We’ll be charging in the next 24-48 hours :smiley:


@juliomiles, any way to get a second scoop? I’m thinking one for the house and one for the office.


Awesome, Thanks for the info. I am assuming that this means that shipping is still on track for next week? I am hoping to be in the first wave as I have 2 months on order. A number of coworkers eagerly awaiting my order as I said that I would give them each a day’s worth. Hopefully, I will be providing another set of customers.


I wonder when I’ll get mine. I ordered a weeks worth originally, but then later upped it to a month, and according to Backerkit, I’m the 13,312th backer.

Also, as a side question for @JulioMiles, how much did you guys order? If you’re willing to divulge quantity that is.


saw somewhere that its double what they need


I was meaning pounds and such.


I don’t have any exact quantities in front of me, but the macro ingredients (rice protein, oat flour, etc) were all ordered by the ton :smiley:


For anyone subscribed to this thread, my card was just charged for the addons.


Napkin math from the store says soylent has sold:

12830 1 week orders
3179 2 week orders
5157 1 month orders

(12830+31792+51574)=39816 weeks

So, approx 40k weeks of soylent have been ordered.

1 Serving of soylent is 148 grams, there are 3 servings in a 1 day bag.

14837=3108 grams per week.

39816 * 3108 = 123748128 grams

Now, they said they ordered roughly double, so:

123748128 * 2 = 247496256 grams or 247,496 kg

Converting to US:

247496256 / 453.592 = 545636 lbs or 272.818 Tons

That is enough to fill the world’s largest cargo plane to capacity:

Keep in mind, this is just powder weight, not packaging.


Another interesting tidbit, 40k weeks of Soylent is roughly 767 years, or 10 people living to the age of 78 years old. So before launch, they’ve sold 10 entire lifetimes of Soylent.

Now I’m just waiting for when they start putting out special contests on more expensive boxes offering to put you in a draw for 1 years supply of Soylent.


Wait, how did you divide 767 by 10 and come up with 78?


I think the assumption is that you don’t need to feed an infant 2000 calories a day. :wink:


Well, you don’t really eat as much when your 1.