Anyone Doing 100% Soylent or 100% DIY Soylent?


How long have you been doing it and what are your results(pros and cons)? I’m especially interested in unhealthy people (obese) as I am in this category.



I’ve been doing %100 soylent with just on small meal in the middle of the day and I’m never hungry or anything it’s great!

I used to constantly want food but with this I’m never hungry or wanting food.


I haven’t gotten my Soylent yet but I have an obese relative I’m hoping will try it (and maybe even eventually get onto a portion-controlled, nutritionally complete Soylent diet) so I’ll be interested to hear responses too.


If you have a meal in the middle of the day, it isn’t 100%.

Edit: I’m not saying this to belittle your diet, do what works for you. I’m just pointing out he’s looking for 100% Soylent drinkers, which is something I see a lot of planning for, but in practice they’re like unicorns.


Yeah–I’m probably about 85, 90% over the past couple weeks, but not 100%.


I’ve been eating about 95% DIY soylent since May 2013.

I ate a very healthful diet before switching to a nutrition mix, so I didn’t notice any major improvement in my health. My health is mainly more consistent now. I used to cook a variety of foods and paid little attention to filling out all my daily requirements, so I would be high in certain nutrients one day and low the next.

Even if I had tried to account for what I was getting in my various meals and supplement where needed, it would have been a lot of daily work to do it well. With a nutrition mix, it was a lot of work to develop a formula, but now its easy, mindless work and I get a perfect diet every day. It also takes me far less time to prepare food and clean up. I can make two days worth of food in about 40 to 50 minutes. One cooked meal used to take that long. My mix also takes far less time to eat.

I also like that it’s easy to hit a calorie target without wasting food. I used to guess at how much food to cook based on how hungry I felt. Sometimes I would still be hungry later, sometimes I’d either stuff myself or throw some food out. Now I have a good idea of how much I need daily. I make some eggs, pork chops and steaks when I’m a little hungrier on weight lifting days.

Some cons with my mix are that it was hard to figure out how to get the fat to mix properly and it’s not something I can pre-mix into a dry powder and simply add water to later. I can’t travel with it unless I’m going somewhere with a full kitchen —including a mixing bowl and electric mixer. It uses a lot of fat that’s solid at room temperature. The pudding-like mix I keep in the fridge can be taken out for a day. I can shake in the rest of the water when I want to drink it. Beyond that, I can’t travel with it.


Pre-Soylent my diet was awful, fast food etc. I am overweight because of my poor food choices and the lack of exercise. I started official Soylent on June 6th. I would use it for 2/3 of my daily intake and have slowly bumped up to just about 100%. I will have a meal on occasion consisting of normal food with my extended family when invited.

Food cravings have dropped, my stomach has shrunk and I no longer get heartburn. I have lost about 8 pounds in the last month and my blood pressure is very close to normal 120/88. I sometimes feel I may need more than 2k calories a day and have thought about adding a food bar or something, not sure at this point. My current medication is 50mg Elavil, 10mg ambien and I consume espresso on occasion and drink 1-2 alcoholic beverages (beer or wine) a week.


That makes no sense? If I eat 100% days worth of soylent how is that not 100% soylent?


Because eating 100% soylent means eating 0% anything else. It’s fine if you’re getting 5%, or 10%, or 30%, or 50% of your calories from non-soylent food–whatever works for you!-- it just ≠ 100% of calories from soylent.