Anyone else doing this for convenience rather than health?


I work construction & we cover anywhere from Oregon to mexico out to Vegas & parker dam- my days start at 4 am & I often put 300 miles a day on the truck aside from working , meaning
I get up, starving and as soon as the first fast food place opens, I’m in the drive thru (Carl’s usually if I can’t find a 24 hour subway) … Then by the time I can eat lunch, nothing would have stayed cold long enough then I’m back home digging for leftovers and often skipping dinner and the vicious cycle repeats.
I’m here cause spending 20 or more a day on shitty fast food is making me broke, fat and unhappy. I could care less about the nutritional aspect, though I think its awesome I’m actually consuming entire daily servings of nutrients I need!
So anyone else jump on the bandwagon out of convenience sake?


I jumped on the wagon because of price and I’m enjoying the side affect of better nutrition and improved health :smile: My DIY is under $5 a day and takes about 15-20 minutes to make.


You wouldn’t be the only one.

Check out this topic for recommendations on how to keep your Soylent nice and cold all day. Hydroflask has a lot of proponents.


Looks like I’ve got lots of research to do still. What’s diy? You’re making your own mix or mixing soylent with stuff?
I’m going on day two of 2 meals only soylent I’m gonna try the rest of the week on this astronaut chow and see if I can still keep up working on the job site .

Anything bad happen if I drink it lukewarm? Cold is nice, but I can’t taste much as is & couldn’t care less what it tastes like long as it gets the job done


DIY is homemade soylent. There’s a great site that really helps if it’s something you’re interested in doing, it will allow you to tweak your recipe to your hearts (or stomachs) content. The company has strongly supported the DIY community, after all that is how it started for @Rob.

Drink it warm if that’s how you prefer it, though if it’s not kept cold the mix won’t last as long before going sour, so be careful to consume it pretty quickly if you’re not going to refrigerate.


I make my own mix.

The problem with drinking it luke warm is bacteria like it as much as we do and they especially like it warm. It’s probably ok if you drink it the same day you make it but I wouldn’t push it. If you can’t taste it give it the sniff test.


I’m totally using it for convenience. I frequently consider the need to eat to be annoying, especially at work. Now I can just sip at my desk all day, and I don’t have to sit there and be annoyed until I give up and get something crappy from the cafeteria.


As others have said, the big issue with drinking it warm is bacteria, but drinking it all in one day will probably be fine. That said, I’ve seen bad things happen when food gets out of its safe temperature range, so it might be better safe than sorry if you’re out on the job with no retreat.

I plunk a few ice cubes in a big thermos and pour my day’s worth of Soylent in there, stays cold all day and the lid is a cup if I’m feeling fancy :smile:


Primarily convenience for me…I’m a bachelor and can’t be bothered to cook. Balanced nutrition is important to me and Soylent is a quick & convenient way to fuel my body.


Man! I think you are really hitting one of the big nails on the head! In one form or another your situation exists all over the country, not only in the work environment but on campus and on weekends and holidays and so forth. There are so many times we just go grubbing in the cabinet or frige. Usually we are almost poisoning ourselves! Convenience is definitely on of the factors that persuaded me to try Soylent and that keeps me mixing and chugging.


Tigglebitties, we’re in the same boat as far as not caring what the stuff tastes like as long as it gets the job done. I’ve shared this one with six friends, only one of whom didn’t grimace and want to spit it out, but it’s very healthy, and keeps me going strong.


Well I guess I can turn this thread into an experience log. Day five since starting and now day two of only soylent and I’m liking it more and more. I don’t get the same 2pm crash or cramping up when I’m shoveling gravel for 8 hours… Very strange . I get hungry, but not the Auschwitz feeling of starvation I’d get even after eating a huge greasy breakfast burrito and work all day.
I’m keeping my servings to 2000 calories a day which just so happen to fit perfectly into three water bottles. I look at those three every day and I can’t figure out how that little material keeps me going when I’ve regularly eaten a foot long sub only to be starving by 1pm.
So far so good!
Aside from the fact that when I fart it smells like Hitler’s Conscience … Yikes.


Well now. I typed the first half of that and got distracted, came back and absentmindedly threw in a second holocaust reference… Maybe this soylent stuff is getting to me


for me…less than worrying about food=more time to dedicate to my studies

also its easier to stay on budget when I already paid for most of my meals. It’s very hard to stay on budget when everything on the menu/ at the grocery store looks so delicious. -_-

the fact that it’s healthy is just a bonus for me.



awesome! thanks!
Putting in my reorder subscription right now I’m digging this so far gonna go a couple months if nothing bad happens lol


I do it for convenience.
I have a magic bullet blender that came with some sealable mugs, and i mix up three each morning, and put them in the car with some freezer ice packs to keep them cool.
In the car I have a mini 12v chili bin fridge which runs when the car is running so that it assists further in keeping things cold.
Then when I get home, i wash out the mugs.
When I mix in the morning, its about 1/3rd ice, 1/3rd water, 1/3rd soylent. Blend, then add more soylent to thicken and 1/3rd of a bottle of oil to each mug.


I really like my hydroflask, but adding stainless steel scotch rocks sounds like a great idea!