Anyone else experience Jaw tremors?


Hello everyone, the other day I started consuming People Fuel plain. It tasted good and the texture is fine and I am overall pleased, however, I have an odd sensation after consuming it. I begin to experience jaw tremors. My jaw hinge tingles and if I put my teeth together, I can feel it jittering. I was wonder if anyone who has taken people fuel or soylent in general have experienced this.

The only time I’ve experienced this before was while I was on a medication called paxil. It only occurs for a couple hours after drinking the DIY soylent. Im still eating a meal while I acclimate to it, so its not the lack of chewing. My issue with paxil was my levels of seratonin became elevated. If its related I don’t know exactly what is causing this as there is a significant addition of vitamin and minerals due to my previous ramen and pizza diet, and I’m sure its not just the act of drinking the DIY soylent making me excessively happy that’s causing this lol. if anyone has any insight they could give on this it would be awesome. like I said I’ve experienced this before and am not terribly frightened by it. As time progresses, ill let yall know if the other side effects of excessive seratonin occur. If they do, ill probably have to experiment to see what is causing the issue as this would affect people with mood disorders.


Are you mixing it yourself? What is your potassium source and dose?
The symptoms are not uncommon of problems with blood levels of potassium. Potassium problems are not to be taken lightheartedly, so I think it is your best option to check first.


Your tingly jaw henge reminds me of when my wisdom teeth where growing in. One was crooked and coming in sideways. This caused it to pinch the nerve that runs along the jaw. It felt like someone hit my funny bone but in my jaw at about the same place you describe. Is it just on one side or both?


This here. This is why I won’t do DIY.


I am using a premised version that I got for christmas. like I said its not too bad. it might be that im adapting to potassium. I don’t have insurance yet, so I can’t visit the doctor to get tested yet.


Sounds like you ordered a premixed version from me? I’d second the potassium suggestion - you might try drinking less at a time, less per day to start with, and see if the tremors go away as you get used to it.


Its both sides. feels like my jaw is floating or I’m constantly yawning. my wisdom teeth, though half submerged in the back by gum, is full grown. have been for about 3 years. it would so suck if another set came in. I had to have teeth pulled for the ones that fit now. hate to see what another set does.


I honestly do not understand why anyone would go the DIY route. To me, the whole idea of @Soylent is that I don’t have to think about food… Ever! At home I only eat/drink Soylent and maybe some candy or some pretzels for dessert. Our fridge has nothing but beer & condiments. But when I go out with friends I eat whatever I want. I LOVE the Soylent lifestyle. I cannot imagine anyone trying to mix powder in order to create a well balanced smoothie.
Please take care of yourself.


The OP got his DIY soylent from Axcho’s site. He didn’t make it himself.


The point is two fold. First, soylent is not quite able to match supply yet. Two, it also is not quite affordable for someone like me living below the poverty line. The combination results in the prospect that if I want to buy soylent, I can’t eat for the month that I bought it in. This is the appeal of DIY, I can get it faster, or make it faster and cheaper, eventhough i still cant afford a whole month supply of it no matter which option I choose, but it is much better than sticking exclusively to my ramen and pizza diet.

The one in question was a prepared mixture. however, I do have the resources to make my own which I’ve drank without, but was less appropriately balanced and didn’t have emulsifiers like the xanthum gum, had a potentially different potassium source, different multivitamin and I was missing choline.

the purpose of this post wasnt to shame DIY or the premixed product but to see if others experienced the samething as there maybe something simple in it that’s disagreeable to some which is understandable for any food product. for instance, I’m allergic to most citrus fruits and latex, so if the potassium is sources from citrate instead of my glucomate alternative that I use in my own mix it could have an effect, or if the xanthum gum has latex it could have an effect. or those listed could totally be a nonissue, that’s why its good to see if others have the same problem so like medical histories can point to specific problems in a formula that may be okay for some but not others.


In regards to drinking less. I was wonder about the mixing instructions. am I suppose to prepare it in a 2 liter container or literally add two liters? If its the later than mine is 25-50% more concentrated. Ive only been able to manage drinking approximately 1000 calories of it in a day which I supplement by eating a couple slices of pizza for its fats (adding oil to soylent induces vomiting for me) and drinking an equal proportion of water. I feel full though and that itd vomit if I tried to stuff the whole mix down my throat. This is understandable though cause my stomach doesn’t like liquids that much.

with the combination I’m at about 1500 kcal. while my basal rate is 2200kcal, but I hear people normally dont need to consume as many calories while on soylent, so I don’t suspect that is a factor


Third point about DIY that affects me personally is derived from the fact that I’m a preprofessional geochemist. Preparing mixtures, weighing things out, and the idea of grinding calcite/limestone to extract calcium carbonate entices me to the DIY soylent lifestyle as its what I’m at home or at school doing anyway, so to each their own. if you consume true soylent, you will consume about a pound of limestone a year. It tickles me to look at a limestone outcrop now in the field and think to myself “well don’t you look yummy.”


It’s a two liter container. Though you can add as much or as little water as you’d like. Just mix it to the consistency you enjoy best, and be sure to drink water on the side as well.

Sorry to hear you can’t add the oil, though I’d be concerned you may not be getting enough fats from the pizza, and expect you would be missing some other nutrients in the process. Be careful to insure you are getting sufficient fat in your diet, it’s necessary.

Typically you should be OK as long as you are eating to satiety. You could also become deficient in some nutrients if you’re not careful, as well as possibly dropping some muscle mass. Keep an eye on it to be sure.

One of the great things about soylent is the ability to get all of those nutrients, and sufficient protein, even when choosing to eat at a deficit. Just be sure you actually are getting everything you do need.


Since you can’t use the oil be sure to drink it WITH something fatty (like pizza). Vitamins A,D,E, and K are fat soluble and need to be eaten with fat so your body will absorb them.


That makes since, didn’t think about that. I may try to use the oil again, however, last time I used olive oil with my own DIY soylent I seriously vomited after a few gulps. the oil free version went down fine though. I might try to find an animal based oil instead such as fish oil which I’ve drank raw with no problem. My family line is composed of almost exclusively meat eaters and I’m allergic to a crap ton of fruits and vegatables, so olive oil and Canada oil maybe what’s causing the oil consumption issue.


MCT oil may be an option as well, especially if it’s a flavor thing with the others. Be careful drinking fish oil, too much can cause problems and consuming it as your main source of fat would be too much. Typically you would be at about 5ml for fish oil.


Thanks, ill look into the mct oil as I need about 80 grams of fat.


Ok, I dropped down to a 500 calories of people fuel. still reporting notably elevated mood. No jaw tremors at this level. Returning to 1000 calories in the morning. wish me luck.