Anyone else experiencing a shipping delay?


Last Monday, my subscription was unpaused. I received a tracking number a couple days later, to which the “label” had been created, however the shipment never got on a truck. To this day, it is still not shipped. Someone finally replied on saturday:
"Thanks for letting us know and I apologize for the delayed response.

There have been reported issues with our shipping facilities and we’re currently investigating the issue. In the meantime, we are sending you a replacement. Please allow a few days for us to process the reshipment.

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and support. If we can help you with anything else, please do let us know.


Soylent Customer Care"

So far I have yet to hear back from them with a new tracking number…Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


I got the email for my 4-week shipment (3rd one if anyone cares) and it took something like 5 days before anything further happened. I got my shipment a couple days after the guestimate from the original email.


Yep, got my email on 4/30, giving an eta of between May 1st and 7th, and the FedEx tracking info hasn’t been updated since “Label created”. Luckily, I have a couple weeks buffer, so I am not worried.

Update: Soylent received two days after this post.

Life without Soylent


Last monday the tracking number gave me an estimated shipping date of April 29th (Wed)… Then I guess the snafu happened.

I ran out of Soylent on saturday… I’m really bummed out right now. Haven’t received any email today; I’m guessing that I won’t hear anything till tomorrow at the earliest.

I need to build up a a couple weeks buffer like Uueerdo.


Oh good lord. After buying takeout (Chinese food), I’m feeling guilty and bloated. (using Soylent has helped me NOT overeat)

Needless to say, this shipping delay/snafu is REALLY making me realize how much I depend on Soylent. I’ve lost 25lbs in the last 6/7 months.

Oh where art thou Soylent package?

  1. April 27 (MON): Receive Soylent email, “Shipping label created”
  2. May 3 (SUN): Status hasn’t changed. I emailed Soylent about it.
  3. May 4 (MON): “Shipment information sent to FedEx > Arrived > Departed FedEx location” No email reply.

That’s my story. Weird. Never had any delay at all before.

[EDIT] I should note that, as hooff pointed out below, that you should re-check your original tracking #.


So I checked my old tracking number sent last week (wed.) and it finally says that my package was shipped out yesterday and should arrive thursday. (I haven’t received an additional email since saturday) Hell yes. Hopefully if you check your initial tracking number, it will reflect something similar.

Hopefully this is the last of their shipping problems and won’t occur in the future (I’ve never had a delay like this before either).


My subscription money was taken on Wednesday and Fedex says the Soylent will come on Friday. That’s the fastest Soylent delivery I’ve ever had.


that is awesome!!

Yeah, I got my shipment today, thank god.

Hopefully, your fast shipment heralds the end of the recent hiccups with the shipping facilities. :smile:


The recent hiccups have no comparison to the enormous belches we heard in the past. Maybe it’s a human characteristic to complain more and more about less and less? No, that would be unfair.


Enormous belches. LOL. True, true.

I remember the 4.5month wait last year for my very first shipment. That wait seemed easier versus the recent delay of a week (ran out of soylent for 5 days).

But like Horsfield said in another thread: “You never know what you have till it’s gone.”


I ordered on May 1st and never even got a tracking number? Guess I should contact them immediately. This is 7 days later. :angry:


Yes, maybe there is a mixup of some kind. Maybe some messages went astray. Check the account you paid with to see if the money is gone.


aa6rv: I agree with geneven, check to see if the money was charged. If yes, it couldn’t hurt to contact them ASAP. I would if I were you.


My subscription was charged Wednesday, I received the tracking email from Soylent Thursday, and FedEx delivered Friday noon.


Glad you got your shipment, we are working diligently to make sure Soylent ships quickly and efficiently.

The Soylent must flow!


And flow it shall! :smile:


I wonder if it’s just one of the shipping locations experiencing delays? Mine is coming from PA and seems to be on time.

My card was charged on May 6, I received a shipping confirmation on May 7, and tracking is showing the package is in transit with an expected delivery on May 9.


My account was charged on April 27th. And I didn’t get the Soylent till yesterday.

I suspect the problems only occurred during the week of April 27th.


Ditto for me, just carried the box into the back of the kitchen.