Anyone else experiencing delays in Canada?

I emailed customer support and got an automated response telling me that customer service is on holiday, so I thought I’d check here to see if anyone else is having the same issue. I usually get my Soylent packages within a week of ordering, but I placed an order 3 weeks ago and it’s still “Preparing for Shipment”(no shipping email sent yet)

I was wondering if this delay has to do with the recent mold issues(the order is 2.0); it would make sense if they’re waiting for fresh batches from the fixed assembly line. But if that’s not the case, then what is? And if I’m the only one having this problem then I’ll just assume my order got overlooked or lost or something…

I just received my first order last Friday (2.0, Sask.) , and it had a very normal 4 business day order to delivery. I would say it would be a clerical error why you are having a problem.

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I’m in the States and also experiencing a shipping delay. The status on my tracking number from fedex is just sitting on “labels created” since Monday 11/23.

Have you contacted Conor regarding your order?

I assumed he was on holiday too. But I’ll shoot him a PM for good measure

Did you receive your package?

Oops, forgot about this thread! Turns out they had shipped my package within the usual timeframe, but it went by Purolator instead of Canada Post and for some reason I didn’t get a shipping confirmation email. According to the tracking number customer service gave me, Purolator had “attempted delivery”(without ringing the buzzer or leaving a pickup notice) on a day that I had been at home all day. They then held the package for a few days, each day apparently having “attempted to contact recipient”…Purolator has phoned me in the past regarding different parcels so I know I get their calls; but there was no missed calls on days that the tracker said they had tried to contact me. I double-checked my phone number on my Soylent shipping address and it is correct.

So, since I had no way of knowing that my parcel was at Purolator, it never got picked up and was returned to sender. Luckily, customer service was good about it and just shipped the order again without any fuss. This time it went with Canada Post like usual, and I actually received the shipping email. Should arrive today or tomorrow.

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Yeah, the Purolator option sucks. You have no idea if it shipped or not until it actually shows up. I don’t trust the Soylent website in that regard, as it has been wrong in the past. (right now it shows my Nov. 7th shipment as Preparing for shipment but I got it weeks ago, for example)

I honestly had an easier time when I had to ship via an American re-shipper. They used DHL who not only sent me a tracking # right away, but also shipped to my door. (I’m well outside of city limits)

Still too many “bugs” in the Soylent delivery system.

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I’ve always preferred CP over Purolator, but this is the first time I’ve had this kind of completely bad experience with them. I wonder if it has something to do with how the Soylent warehouse communicates the shipping information with Purolator? Canada Post doesn’t seem to have any issue, though.

DHL I do like for the fact that they deliver to rural addresses, but you really gotta be home when they deliver because their pickup locations suck.

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Well, pickup locations will vary from city to city. They’re best for me, here - right along my route to work.

Regarding the shipping, here’s a tidbit I got in a support email from Soylent:

FWIW - although I’m curious as to why they seem to alternate between the two, in my case. I think they just flip a coin to decide.

Yeah, customer service copy-pasted that little blurb into their reply to me. I actually think what made the difference in this case was the time of day I placed the order. Normally I order at a time that would be the middle of the night in Mississauga(where the warehouse is), but this time it would have bee late morning there. If CP picks up parcels early in the morning and Purolator picks them up at noon, then the parcel would be processed faster if given to the first available courier. Just a theory, though. That’s the only thing that differentiates this order from previous ones, as far as I can tell.

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