Anyone else get diarrhea?

I just started soylent, I’m on day 2, and I’m having explosive diarrhea. Has anyone else experienced that? MIght I be doing something wrong?

I’d say give it a few days and see if your system hasn’t adjusted. That’s what happened to me.

Yes, and intense stomach rumbling. Even after plenty of adjustment time. I added 10g soluble fiber and it fixed both problems. The slower transit time also probably means more nutrient absorption I would expect. I tried 5g a day and that was too low for me.

… explosive? That’s… harsh.

In Rob’s blogs you will find that he initially had to go to 21g of fibre actually. Edit: No idea where I really read that, I can’t find it anymore.
So yeah, while this MIGHT be something else (better post your formula/spreadsheet so some people can look at it and make sure), putting more (soluble) fibre in might fix this for you.

Where does he say that? I see only that he did 5 grams, and then reduced it to 1.2

Indeed I don’t recall reading that - was it in the blog comments? I thought I had read all of his comments as well but perhaps not.

Also his latest is different apparently:

Note I’m still quite confident that I require 10g soluble fiber to fix this very problem when consuming exclusively soylent. However I was on a low-calorie soylent so the carbs weren’t very high and that might play a role. (Right now I’m playing with a ketogenic diet with no carbs at all and the soluble fiber seems to be needed there with certainty.)

Can always do what I did and start with 5g soluble fiber and work up (or down).

I thought it was in a main blog, the second or the 3rd - I still have a picture in my mind of the words.
But…I can’t find it anymore either, nowhere. Maybe I’m going crazy, or senile. I am not on soylent yet btw, so that’s not the cause of my memory issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, so I’ve upped the fiber, and I’ve been doing only soylent for about 4 days now and I’m still getting it real bad. What kind of fiber are yall using? I’m using wheat dextrin (the active ingredient in benefiber) which is soluble. Is there some reason to add insoluble fiber as well?

Maybe the diarrhea is from too much fiber. Try lowering it for a couple days. As far as I know, fiber is not absorbed by the body. It just moves things along in the digestive tract.

I don’t think it should require any adjustment period. Ben is right, I include much more than a few grams of fiber now. However even with 1-2g I did not have any bathroom issues. What is your source of Magnesium? If you are using magnesium citrate and include too much, (or get the NOW Foods brand which I heard is actually trimagnesium citrate) you may have a bad time. I use magnesium gluconate.

Now I have closer to 40g of fiber / day which I get from oat powder, which does not interfere with the absorption of the maltodextrin. More details coming in my forthcoming blog update.

I recommend switching or dropping the magnesium for a day and see if you notice a change.


The reason I required an adjustment period is because I use 5/6th cup of EVOO (187g) due to the ketogenic nature of my Soylent (all Calories from 25% protein 75% fat). It’s like trying to adjust to the very oily foods in China.

Oat powder, huh? Is that soluble or insoluble fiber? And were you using wheat dextrin before and that is what interfered with maltodextrin absorption?

It could be the magnesium. I am using the NOW Foods trimagnesium citrate. Regular mag citrate is used as a laxative, while trimagnesium citrate seems to be used as a magnesium suppplement, perhaps I should switch to magnesium gluconate.

I suppose some more information is in order. The reason I may be having this problem may have to do specifically with me. I have nerve damage in my colon that causes spasms and irregularity in peristalsis. This is the main reason Soylent was appealing to me, because it seemed that if my food was almost entirely absorbed, I would be able to bypass problems arising from the need to eliminate waste. When Rob mentioned that with Soylent, one only needed to pass a few grams of fiber per week, I thought maybe this would offer relief to a problem that has literally made it impossible for me to hold a steady job or go to school.

Knowing that the more fiber I put in the more I would have to pass, I opted first to try without fiber, then I tried 1.2 g wheat dextrin, then I tried 5 g wheat dextrin, then I tried 10 g. Each time, there was some improvement, but there was still a liquid situation, if you will. The idea of minimizing the fiber is appealing because my goal is to have to poop as little as possible. It could be that because of the rapid peristalsis in my GI tract, the soylent moves through too quickly for my gut to remove all the water, so perhaps more fiber would slow it down enough to allow it to properly remove moisture. However, more fiber would also mean more waste to excrete, which in turn is the source of my trouble because that triggers painful spasms, “dry heaves”, vomiting, and prolonged periods of being stuck in the bathroom at unpredictable times. (and yes, I have been seeing all kinds of doctors and so far none have been of any help. Apparently it’s a rare condition).

Rob, with that much fiber, are you still experiencing a dramatic increase in overall digestive efficiency, or has there been an increase in the amount of waste as you increase the amount of fiber? From my understanding, if fiber increases the amount of time it takes things to pass through the gut, more of the mass can be absorbed, but it also increases the amount that must be eliminated, so surely there is a point at which it is optimized.

Today I will omit the magnesium and see what happens. If that works, I will order some magnesium gluconate.

If this isn’t already obvious to you, try drinking it in more frequent but smaller servings

Explosive diarrhea does sound like a magnesium overdose, but are you taking any probiotics too? I had a similar reaction the next day after taking probiotics for the first time. Although, something in my current formula is causing problems like nausea, stomach aches, and low blood pressure and decreased heart beats. I suspect I am using too much magnesium because of the symptoms, but I am certain that my numbers are right. Maybe 400mg of magnesium just isn’t right for everyone. I am going to lessen that amount of magnesium gluconate in my formula to about 20 - 30% to see what happens.

Most recommendations actually quote 400mg of magnesium as the absolute maximum and hint that problems like this would occur in dosages any higher than that.

Yes, I’m on month 5 of soylent. And often in the morning it has that effect on me. But there is no stomach pain associated with it, and I just feel cleansed, I don’t mind at all. I still stand by Soylent, it has improved my life in countless ways.