Anyone else getting a 404 error when they click on 'Manage Subsciptions'?

I’m getting a 404 error when on my account and click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’. Not ideal. All the other links on the account page work.


Just checked, having the same problem.

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Yeah, still not working. A 404 error is a 404 error, but I tried multiple browsers anyway!

Same problem here. :expressionless:

Me too. I think I have a shipment coming soon, and I want to postpone it, but I can’t. I hope they fix this before it actually ships.

I was having the same issue, emailed customer support about it and they confirmed the subscription center was down. Just got the email that it was back up, and it appears to be working properly now.

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yup yup 20 characters

Please help me with the fix because I have been trying to print the page but my canon printer offline windows 10 was popping up everytime and it is really harassing me.