Anyone else go cold turkey on soda and caffeine?


I just started a week or so ago and I haven’t had any caffeine in the form of soda or coffee. I’ve tried many times to quit drinking soda with no avail. Now all of a sudden cold turkey, no cravings, a small amount of withdraw in the first day or so but thats it.

Anyone else have this experience?


I only drank Soylent for two days, but the second day I drank it for breakfast and literally had zero cravings for my morning black tea. It was strange. Looking forward to Soylent 1.1 now!


The spouse only has Soylent for breakfast–but has reported drinking much less coffee since.


I hear that when you finally do have a cup of coffee it’s pretty intense.


Started DIY in July. I still enjoy soda and coffee periodically (without any noticeable change in their taste), but I have zero cravings. I used to drink 12 cups a day, now simply making a pot (4 cups) is out of the ordinary. Cravings stopped immediately upon starting DIY.

What I have noticed is that drinking a lot of caffeine in a day gives me the shakes. “A lot” is defined as more than 2 cups (by measurement-- about one coffee cup filled) in an hour. This change is solely from the dietary change of starting DIY. (I consume DIY as a replacement for about 60-80% of my meals each day, the fluctuation is due to my wife’s eating habits-- she won’t join me in DIY or Soylent and I’ll usually have something with her each day as it’s one of those married rituals that is important to her. But now-a-days, my intake of normal food is significantly lower and the amount I eat is entirely about how tasty I find the meal.)

Another contributor to my caffeine craving was poor sleep. In the last 30 days I’ve also started using a CPAP for mild sleep apnea. I had been eating DIY for about 90 days before this change was implemented. Both DIY and the CPAP have increased my overall energy level, rendering caffeine unnecessary. (And, as noted above, slightly unappealing due to the potential for shakes from high caffeine intake.)


I guess choline is also contributing to it.


I used to drink 12 cups a day, now simply making a pot (4 cups) is out of the ordinary. Cravings stopped immediately upon starting DIY.[/quote]

Holy crap that’s a lot of coffee!!

I still have my cup (~16 Oz) in the morning but I don’t feel it’s necessary now compared to how it was before. I drink it mostly now out of habit and also because I’m thirsty and slightly cold in the morning since I walk to work.


I stopped drinking pop when I started doing DIY 8 months ago. I’ve never drank coffee. I was looking for the “perfect” diet. Throughout the 8 months I was playing with ingredients looking for what I wanted to stick with. I tried adding caffeine since in small amounts it can be a “good” thing. I really didn’t notice a difference so I stopped adding it. Some time after that I started drinking pop again. I enjoy it and have a “perfect” diet otherwise so I keep it as one of my vices. I don’t think I would have a hard time stopping again if I wanted to. I feel that it helps me keep away from other, more horrible, food related vices. Your mileage may vary of course. :smile: