Anyone else miss the oat flour of v1.5?


I had a lot of old v1.5 and just finished last week. I’m now on v1.8, and I really miss the texture and flavor of v1.5.

It’s a big change in flavor and texture. Although, it is much easier to mix and it is smoother altogether. Anyone else have a hard time adjusting?


A LOT of people miss 1.5. I’m not one of 'em, but it might have been the most popular version of powder. 1.7 was my fave, 1.8 is a close (but gritty) second place.

If you stick with it for a few days, you’ll probably adjust to the flavor no problem. Tends to happen with new versions in my experience. It’s all different takes on “intentionally bland.”


Yeah, I really liked the oaty 1.5. If Soylent made a powder that tasted like that again, I would switch to it (I’m on 2.0 right now).


I’m in the midst of transitioning back from 1.5 to 1.8… I think I do prefer the taste of 1.8 but 1.5 really fit the bill as a bland and filling fuel source. What I fear from 1.8 is the excessive gas I experienced when I first tried it. I’ve got about 5 more bags of 1.5 and I’m alternating with 1.8 to try and adjust…


Superbodyfuel’s “Light Fuel” uses gluten-free oat flour and some say it reminds them of 1.5.


Seems like another benefit would’ve been that while oat flour is more bland, using it as the major emulsifier/thickener has less glycemic load than the current tapioca based maltodextrin.


Ditto. 1.5 as a continuing branch would be a preferred by many.

But in another thread there was mention of their desire to keep a minimum number of SKU. I’ve cancelled my subscription and will go the DIY route for a while until they either go back, or move away from the current formulation. Sigh.


I do miss the oat flour and am not crazy about the switch to corn fiber, but it still suits my needs and is about 60% of the cost of Superbodyfuel, without the added cost and inconvenience of oil. I am dabbling in DIY to fill gaps and I used oat flour, whey isolate, and rice protein as the bulk in my first batch. The start up cost of DIY was more than I expected and the flavor wasn’t what I had expected but if I needed to go this route permanent then I could. For now I will keep my Soylent coming every month, I have gotten used to the 1.8 flavor but 1.7 was my favorite BY FAR.


There’s a world of products out there; Soylent created an industry! Nothing wrong with Huel, but you might also look into Athlete Fuel, PlennyShake “Sport”, and Queal, all of which use oats as the primary carb, and offer wider flavor choices than Huel.


Don’t ever need to feel bad, a rising tide raises all boats. That being said we are looking at increased protein and different sources. We don’t just make products and leave them to rest. Half our development teams sole job is just to revisit everything we have put out and improve upon it. This is an open community and all topics that follow the guidelines are allowed. This includes talking about other products that may suit your needs. The way we see it is simple. While we would of course love to have you buy our product, you might have a need we don’t meet. It’s to our advantage that you find the right fit for you and stay inside the “powdered food” ecosphere. One day one of our new products might be more to you liking.


I just got a blood test for my diabetes. A few months ago, I boasted that my diabetes had been called well controlled. Now my blood sugar levels are a lot lower than they were then. I’m not sure exactly why, but Soylent has a lot to do with it.


I have Diabetes 2. My sugar levels are quite low. If you are basing opinions on what one user posted, as you stated, you aren’t researching enough. I’ve been consuming a lot of Soylent for about four years – How long had that user been consuming Huel?