Anyone else notice bugs in the DIY Soylent Recipe Ingredients page?


If you fill in your details for all your ingredients for you custom soylent recipe and then click at the top-left on one individual ingredient you’ll see a small popup that shows all that ingredients nutrition value, the problem is that the Total column in the popup is showing what the serving size value is instead of calculating the total based on the amount you’re using in your formula.

So say for Amount you have 200g of Oat Flour and for serving size you entered 100g and carbs of 65g per serving, the Total column shows 65g and not the 130g you’d expect to reflect how much is in your recipe.

I am a software developer myself and even though I don’t deal with web code much(C# .Net app) if someone wants to point me to the source code I’ll look it over to try and see where the problem lies and suggest a fix.


I think that @nickp developed the DIY page, you might try asking him.