Anyone Else Possibly Reacting To Being A Vegetarian?


I went back and forth on how to title this thread… I hoped to grab the eyes of the right folks who might have had similar experience in life (soylent or otherwise) so hopefully it’s not too unclear!

Long story short, I realized that after being on soylent for about 6 months now I have become a vegitarian inadvertently and with the exception of some whey isolate, nearly vegan. In the past few weeks though I have found myself in front of traditional meals primarily as a result of the holidays.

After every meal I have found myself under digestive distress for 24-48 hours after the meal. The only thing I can say that is a common element is that I was eating meat (turkey, ham, etc.) something which I have had near zero exposure to otherwise. I’ve never pursued a vegetarian lifestyle before so I was wondering if anyone else on the board has had a similar experience from re-introuction of meat? Maybe it’s not related at all, this is simply a subjective observation that could have zero connection, I’m not making any such statement trying to draw a link, I’m simply curious if anyone has had something similar be it with or without soylent.


Oh, right, this is actually a common occurrence with people who go on vegetarian diets for some time. Your body stops or slows the production of the enzymes you use to digest meat when your consumption drops off for an extended period. It will bounce back pretty quickly if you ease yourself back into meat eating.


I’ve been vegetarian for multiple long(ish) periods in my life and have been lucky enough not to have had this problem. I had a friend who was raised without ever eating meat, and when he finally decided to start, he had a really tough time. At first, eating anything but a bite of meat was like getting food poisoning.


There are several other effects at play - in addition to your body’s reduction in certain digestive products, your liver will also get smaller if you put less load on it by reducing your consumption of things like meats, alcohol… and that reduces your ability to process those foods when you consume them later. If you make them a regular part of your diet again, your liver will increase in size. The liver is basically the body’s chemistry factory, and it changes size in response to demand.

Another factor is your gut microbiome. Just as some people have a lot of distress when they start a vegan diet (or Soylent), after adapting to that diet, people can have distress returning to prior foods. When your gut microbes don’t see meat for months, the meat specialists will be in short supply when you first start eating meat again.


good point Mental, I didn’t think to frame it in the context of people also having distress when starting soylent as a good way to compare the issue.