Anyone else waiting long on processing?

Been drinking soylent for over 2 years now and usually the shipping is super fast for me, like within 2 days being in the LA area. My order has been in processing limbo since the 8th. Sucks too because I’m out and Soylent is my main source of food Mon-friday at least 3 meals a day.

I had to resort to pay $5 for a bottle at my local 7-11.

My Soylent used to come super quick but I’ve noticed it has taken ~a week to get to me the last few shipments.

Oh, processing… do you mean it hasn’t even shipped yet? That hasn’t been my issue.

Yeah hasn’t even shipped ! I have never had this kind of issue. I got an automated email saying shipping can take 4-7 days, I sent a follow stating that’s fine but my order hasn’t moved passed processing ,but I have been charged.

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My order is being billed tomorrow, we shall see if I have same issue.

I have had my order arrive while the site still said pending, so there is still hope it will arrive soon. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to send a message to Customer Service – I think there’s a form making that easy toward the bottom of the site.

Update , Soylent got back to me after a week had passed and they were having long waits due to the demand of the Cao Cao. They went ahead and changed murder to ship my Chai ahead of time. Wish they had stated their would be a delay before I ordered.

Some interesting auto corrects there :smiley:

My regular order of Original 2.0 was billed on the 15th, shipped the 16th and it says it will be here the 20th.

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oh god , horrendous. To be clear I’m also fully aware of the correct usage of there ,their they’re LoL. Shiiiiit.

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I also am experiencing a long delay on shipping for my order, of cacao 2.0. I guess I should contact them too…

I just received an order of Cacao 2.0 with no delay.

I just heard back, they said increased demand and weather are delaying my order

huh, it is odd that this just came up because it has never taken more than a few days to get my order after my credit card was billed, it took 8 days this time and I did think it was weird. Didn’t make a huge difference in my routine because I keep a stash.

It seems this has only gotten worse for me. t
They cancelled my order with no email to notify me. My address hasn’t changed in well over a year and my bank, same address registered to my bank/card.

Cancled the order on April 25th. Didn’t notice till the 2nd after I hadn’t received the order to tracking. Contacted them and they didn’t process the new order till the 4th. Now they are telling me I’ll be out of food possibly till the 14th… This is absolutely unacceptable.

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Aww, sorry to hear that :frowning: I hope your shipment got there in a few days after this post was made! As a subscriber myself, I usually get my soylent about 3-4 days after the order. Example, I ordered some on May 9th and it was here by May 12th :slight_smile: very quick and awesome customer service, was extremely happy <3