Anyone else's pitcher leak?

I’m enjoying the Soylent 1.0… I love how full it makes me feel. I will admit that the gas lasted much longer than a week, and the acid reflux was terrible for the first two weeks, but now I seem to have overcome that.

However, I’ve noticed that I can no longer twist the top of the pitcher on tight enough for it to not leak. It’s not just a dribble either, I can pour it out without un-twisting the top… although it may have some of the texture filtered out of it.

I’m guessing this is no longer an airtight pitcher… how long are they supposed to last?

I’d like to think that the O-ring is damaged, and if that is the case, you can order replacements for that easily enough. I’d check to make sure the plastic isn’t cracked or damaged to be sure. The Takeya pitchers seem to be pretty well made, and I haven’t had any issues with mine yet.


It sounds like the rubber o-ring is either broken or has fallen out? Perhaps you tightened it too much?


I’ve been using one of these for a year without problem. I did loose the I ring in the dishwasher once and hadn’t notice. When I went to shake it up a major mess. I ring found and no more issues.

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Make sure you’re not over-tightening the pitcher. Try leaving it a little loose from ‘fully tight’ and see if that helps. It did for mine.


To expound on @eviljim’s comment, I tighten it most of the way, then align the top’s handle with the pitcher’s handle and spout. If I tighten it past that alignment point then I will occasionally get leaking.


Over-tightening can definitely cause leaking.

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