Anyone encountered credit card payment problem?

I’ve tried all my credit card, and it continuously failed, saying “Your card was declined.”

Plus, there is no place to enter security code for credit card, is there?

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Yes, I think there was a place to enter the security number. Maybe you should try a different browser or even a different computer, or clear the cache of the browser you are using. I think the Chrome browser is the most commonly used one these days. I don’t remember anyone else reporting a problem with their card recently.

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I don’t see a place for the security code on the back of your card to be entered on the order page. Last time I placed an order it worked fine, but that was a few weeks ago.

Like geneven said, I would try another browser perhaps? (or a computer if you were on your phone or vice versa)

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I ordered with both, credit card and debit card, and they all worked. It didn’t ask for the security code, but it worked. Both are Visa, one from Canada and another from the US (with Canadian Address). It’s weird, but I didn’t have any problem. Although, for the Canadians that read this, don’t use your Canadian credit card, the exchange rate they use is so high that it will take $100 more for a month supply. Try to open a US account and use that debit card instead.