Anyone ever bring Soylent to Levi's Stadium?


This is kind of a long shot but, here goes.

We were just given tickets to tonight’s NFL game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara CA (very close to where we live too!). We most definitely don’t want to be without our Soylent but the stadium website is a bit unclear on what is or isn’t allowed.

The specify alcoholic beverages are not allowed, but then they explicitly say that “plastic water bottles” and “reusable transparent water bottles” (emphasis mine) are allowed as long as they don’t contain alcohol.

This makes me think that a reusable plastic water bottle filled with Soylent, would be acceptable since why would they need to specify no alcohol if they actually meant only water? But I don’t want to show up there with a couple bottles full of Soylent and be told we can’t bring them in.

Tried to contact the stadium to ask but get voicemail that says not to leave a message. :unamused:

By chance has anyone here ever been to Levi’s and brought Soylent?