Anyone gaining weight?


I can’t say that I’ve been 100% strict, but I have gained then maintained a few pounds after starting Soylent 1.0. I’m 20lbs overweight.

Anyone else have a similar situation?


I don’t think I’ve lost any weight yet but I’m not measuring regularly.

How many calories were you eating a day before soylent?

If you’re eating soylent and regular food maybe you’re getting more calories than you were before.


I gained 10 lbs in the first week but I was eating a lot of regular food on top of the Soylent. Cut down my regular meals to 3 a day in the second week and maintained my weight. Due to extreme gas I’ve just cut down to 1000 cal of Soylent per day.


I wasn’t keeping track of my calories before. It appears that I don’t lose any weight at 2000 calories - I’m pretty sedentary.

I tried cutting back to 1,500 cals worth of Soylent as my core food, but I am realizing that even a little bit of snacking is sabotaging me.


An issue I had in the first few days was drinking Soylent when my mouth was tingling, or when I was thirsty, instead of when I was hungry.

If you’re drinking Soylent when thirsty or just to alleviate a tingling mouth, try chewing gum and drinking water instead.


Great point, I really have not been drinking a lot of water.


On DIY, so let me know if you want this deleted or moved…

I don’t own a scale, but I do notice a slight change in the way my clothes fit…Other things are more important to me than a number on a scale, but I completely understand that’s not true for everyone.

I only drink it as a meal replacement. Not as an addition to a normal meal or a snack or when I’m thirsty etc…Just to replace 1 or 2 of breakfast/lunch/dinner


Down 6 lbs on official Soylent since start of June. My suspicion is that liquid nutrition may be more available, and that a full pitcher goes much farther.

I consume about 60oz daily (1800cal) for reference.


Please be careful not to swallow your gum when you are done with it.


Hovering at 10lbs down 262 lbs (now 252 lbs, I am 6’2" male) since starting Official Soylent on 6/16. I have had Soylent 100% everyday with today being my first real meal outside of Soylent. I think if I worked out more I would be closer to 15-20 lbs down already.


Nope, been losing. I will gain if I eat 2000kcal though, the sweet spot for me is to be in the 1600-1800 range (nutrition calcs are way off base for me). I’ve lost ~40lbs since starting DIY the beginning of this year, and when I have kept the calories in check I have lost with Soylent as well.


I’ve only been having it for breakfast, and have basically maintained. I’m down maybe 2 or 3 pounds right now, but that’s well within the range of normal fluctuation for me. Probably won’t get to try 100% until the end of July (after I move).


Why not swallow gum?


Click this link to see why. :slight_smile: You’ll get a funny story from a soylent user who regretted doing so. @snowman linked it above in his reply as well.


Two weeks on official and I’ve gone up 3 pounds, but I swear my belly overhang has noticeably decreased (and based on unsolicited comments from several friends, it’s not my imagination), so I guess I must be loosing fat and water weight while gaining some muscle.


I’ve been maintaining my weight(I’m 30lbs overweight). I’ve been doing around 50-60% Soylent and generally wouldn’t consider Soylent a weight loss food. If you’re on it 100% it might work out that way, but if you mix it with normal food you’re still going to have to watch what you eat pretty carefully.

I will say though that Soylent does a pretty good job eliminating cravings I have for sweets.


Why would you drink Soylent AND eat regular food?

I have been pretty exclusively on Soylent since May. We were trying it because we were curious and I also wouldn’t mind dropping 15-20 pounds. The first couple of weeks, I actually gained several pounds which was dismaying. My plan was not to deprive myself of regular food to gain weight! The thing you have to remember is that the number of calories a 5’ tall person needs is very different from a person who is say, 6 ’ tall. I have cut my Soylent intake by half and added a daily multivitamin supplement. Since then I have dropped about 1 pound a week. This includes occasional meals out for social reasons. My job is pretty sedentary but I try to get a brisk 2-mile walk in at least 5 days a week. I’m going to be trying to include more rigorous workouts.