Anyone have a 1.2 Release Notes pamphlet?


I’ve been keeping 1 of every set of documentation that comes in each version of Soylent for my own Nostalgia Collection™ but just realized that I am missing version 1.2! In the interest of completionism, is there anyone with an extra 1.2 pamphlet who would be willing to mail it to me?

PM me if so please… thanks!!


I haven’t thrown my release notes out but I haven’t decided whether to save them either. My first shipment came right after they switched to v1.1, so I have no v1.0 release notes. If someone has a v1.0 release notes they’d like to give/trade me then that would be great but I’m guessing v1.0 notes are rare and hard to come by.

I have one v1.1, one v1.2 and two v1.3 release notes, as well as an unopened box of v1.3 that probably contains another v1.3 release notes. So I have two extra of v1.3 if that’s useful for anyone in a trade or if anyone just wants them in case they don’t help me in a swap to somehow get v1.0.

If I end up not saving the release notes, vanclute, then I’ll send you my v1.2 but right now I just really don’t know if I’ll save them permanently or not.


Actually I have a kajillion of the 1.0 brochures, as I kept every single one of them (don’t ask me why LOL) The trouble is they’re super long and would be very hard to mail. :frowning: Or at least costly due to the odd size… I’d be happy to do it though if someone can figure out what the postage would be.


Hello @vanclute

If you PM me your mailing details I can send you a clean copy of the 1.2 pamphlet :smile:


Maybe role it up and mail it in a tube…


Thanks so much @Conor! It looks like I’m covered however, but it’s great that you offered. Thanks again!!


No problem @vanclute :slight_smile: