Anyone have an extra week?


Does anyone have a week or so’s worth of soylent they would consider selling? We could figure out logistics, etc. later but essentially I’ve been following Soylent before the crowdfunding days began but haven’t ordered any and I sincerely regret that now. So yeah, let me know!


Good luck. Unless you’re going to pay $60/day+ for the week, I don’t think anyone’s going to even consider this.


I think your best bet is to just order now and wait for it to arrive. In the mean time, you could make your own Soylent, as many others are doing already.


I’m not interested in making it myself, given that Im 19 and live at home. My parents wouldn’t appreciate all the containers and whatnot in the house, just like they don’t like when I have any protein powder.

I don’t see why someone who had ordered a month and may not use it all wouldn’t be willing to sell some and then just reorder? It doesn’t sound too far fetched to me.


Have you been reading the forum? The problem is that out of all the backers, there’s less people talking about receiving their Soylent than I have fingers on my hand.


I’m 18 and I live with my parents, too, but I’m planning on making a DIY version this summer. I think the number of containers you would have doesn’t have to be very large if you pick a good recipe. Also, if you are planning on just trying it out for breakfast or lunch a few times, rather than not eating anything else for weeks (I suspect your parents will want you to have dinner with them) you can probably leave out the Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, etc. as you would still get those through ‘normal’ meals.

That’s a good point, I forgot about the fact that the shipping time for reorders is much less than for first orders. Not many people have received their Soylent yet, as @The pointed out, but this is not a bad idea for the people who have.


@isaac_norwich Apparently, a lot of people are willing to sell their DIY:


Make that $115 per day.