Anyone have any 1.3 left and want to sell?

Probably not news to anyone who’s been here for long, but for us the only Soylent we can consume is 1.3. I bought up as much as I could find in the last year or so, but I can see our supply dwindling rapidly, and the second-hand market for 1.3 seems to have finally dried up pretty completely. So, I’m trying one last time in here just in case…

Anyone got 1.3 that they want to get rid of? If so, please PM me. Don’t only reply here, because I may not get a notification… but PM me and I definitely should. Thanks!!


Just wondering. Why do you two not want to do 1.5 or 1.6? I must have missed that somewhere.

Is there nothing on BlendRunner that can work for you?

You can filter by allergens and shipping country.

We couldn’t stand 1.4 or 1.5 at all. They were simply disgusting, like drinking wet cardboard. I briefly thought I could make do by adding powdered peanut butter, but I got completely sick of that in a matter of minutes. We are extremely sensitive to taste, and are not the sort to drink/eat something that tastes gross “because it’s good for you”. And of course there is no way to know what the taste is going to be like, without trying it. No algorithm or database is going to be able to help us conclude that a particular blend will or won’t “work” for us, since our primary barometer is taste and that’s totally personal and subjective.

So far we’ve tried two 3rd party blends and both were unpalatable. Granted, this was a couple years ago so, really need to branch out now that there are so many new ones available. But we so dislike trying new things, that the prospect of possibly going through dozens of formulations that we hate, to hopefully find one we like, is very much not a happy one.


1.6 is a new formula. It’s bound to taste different. Maybe you can get a bag or two to see if you like it or not. In any case happy hunting.

If I remember correctly he’s not a fan of soy.

Well it’s really a case of - we simply can’t risk consuming it, period. Between the extremely statistically-high possibility of estrogen-sensitive cancer, and soy causing major digestive distress when consumed frequently, it’s just not something we can have in our staple foodstuff. All other non-animal protein sources seem fine, but not soy.

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I know it is a european brand, but you could try a taste of Joylent vanilla flavor… Back when I tasted it, it reminded me of 1.0 Soylent… Though, I can’t remember if they used whey protein or not :3

Edit: nevermind, it has Soy flour and whey protein, you probably don’t want it then

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