Anyone have any good DIY recipes


Anyone have any good DIY recipes


This is my current favorite:


Replace the corn starch with maltodextrin, then flavor with vanilla, cinnamon, and splenda. Very tasty, very drinkable. :slight_smile:


My current recipe:

Designed for baking with versatility. It’s low carb, low sodium (only comes from the baking powder), and costs under $4 a day. Even with my bad snacking habits, this recipe has helped me to lose weight since it’s designed with snacking in mind.

If you’re looking to pad out the calories with extra sugar, the price will rise accordingly, but I’ve had great success experimenting with whatever is lying around in my voluminous spice cabinet. Seriously, I’ve got WAY to many spices.


I’ve really been enjoying mine. I just got the cinnamon and will have my first batch including it tomorrow, but am loving it so far even without it.


One quick question for you @jrowe47 - and I apologize if it seems like I’m following you among threads to ask silly questions. But it looks like the Potassium section in the Cheap Complete (Oat) recipe is set to 0, which leaves it at 18% daily Potassium. Is that correct?


I have a bunch of potassium gluconate caps, so I removed the powder portion to get the % without gluconate so I could calculate how many caps I needed to open for my recipe. 27 caps later, I forgot to replace the powder in the recipe :stuck_out_tongue:

Just fixed it.


Looks good now. Thanks for the update! I’m very excited, as my oat flour arrived yesterday, and the rest of my materials should be here by tomorrow. I’m eagerly looking forward to adding my experience to the KISS recipe thread. Thanks again, @jrowe47 :slight_smile: