Anyone have experience with Boost drinks or Ensure?

The price of Soylent makes me wonder about the margins of the company. I used to drink Boosts drinks as a protein shake long before Soylent.

Does anyone have experience with cheaper meal replacements? I prefer pre-mixed but I’m willing to hear suggestions.

Sure if you want something with a lot of sugar and that isn’t sustainable, Ensure will do the trick. It will probably warn you right in the ingredients that you can’t use it as a meal replacement. Lots of people have experience with it, and it didn’t kill them. But it doesn’t measure up to Soylent. I have mostly lived on Soylent for the last year. If I tried to do that with Ensure I might be dead, or at least not very healthy.

Ensure is a 40+ year-old brand with over 150 times the annual sales of Soylent. I doubt that anyone has died from using it.

Let’s do a Kickstarter and find out!


I’ve had good results with Nutren 2.0. It uses some glucose, but does not taste very sweet. It reminds me of french fries. It costs $1.42 per 500 kcal. It has no fiber though. There is a less calorie dense version that has fiber, but then it costs more per calorie and is less compact.


Maybe that’s why I specified that “it didn’t kill them.”

I wonder if anyone has tried to live on nothing but Ensure for a year.

After drinking more than 3 Ensure’s a day gave me the runs!