Anyone have experience with this Turbo Shaker?



I’m curious too! Just ordered one for testing, will report back on findings.


It gets pretty good reviews across the web, though I had to stop at one body-building site that turned a member’s mention of its cap that doesn’t screw on to a cap that doesn’t “***** on”.


My experience with it, is that it doesn’t work better than my Blendtec…


I have one of these, and it is horrible compared to the blender bottle. It leaks very easily and the top doesn’t stay on, especially under any kind of pressure. (It’s surprisingly easy to build up enough pressure for the lid to come off when using protein powder.) Even worse, my protein shakes would be a clumpy mess.

Because the original was so badly made, they redesigned the lid to screw on, but the rubber stopper is a pain to clean. Not only that, but it still can’t really mix powder without leaving it clumpy.

In contrast, every time I use my blender bottle it does a great job of getting out all the little clumps. The lid actually stays on and doesn’t pop off under the slightest pressure.

I should add, even the plastic on the turbo shaker is cheap. It feels way too flexible for comfort.


I’ve never used a Turbo Shaker but the entire website is page after page of shameless copy with no substance. How exactly do a couple of hard-to-clean fins help my powder mix smoothly? Feels like an infomercial


Thanks, seemed worth looking into…I’m going to order one as well.

Isn’t as cool or interesting to look at as I’d like, but if it works well and is cost effective enough, I’d buy a couple more to keep around.

If I put the water in first, I don’t see any issues of things sticking to the fins any more than the ball in a blender bottle would, but that’s where the product testing comes in…:slight_smile:



One of these just arrived - I was curious, too. For my diy (the dry version), it blends pretty well, but the cap isn’t super-secure, like the blender bottle’s. I have to keep a finger on it while I’m shaking. Such a small thing to get right.