Anyone have extra QuidNYC formula?


I know QuidNYC has quite a few recipes. I’m interested in a sample of the superfood for him, and his ketofood formula.
I don’t want to mix a full batch to try it. I’ll pay a premium to try a small amount.


I believe that @chris_bair is selling the Ketofood recipe, and it looks like he may also be starting to market my most recent recipe as well, which I’d also be willing to send a sample of your way, if you’d like we can work something out. I’m not sure where you could get the Superfood, but perhaps @axcho could produce it for you.


I do currently sell mixed up ketofood, and it’s OK, but @kennufs recipe is so much better it’s amazing. Recently I ran out of ingredients to make kennufs but I still have tons of the stuff to make ketofood so I went back to ketofood for my own personal stuff. That was Tuesday. The next day I decided that I was going to keep ketofood for anyone that insisted on getting it but the new recipe was better in every way and that’s where my focus will be. I just had to find a suitable protein that I could get more readily, I simplified the ingredients, ended up with a completely different recipe, though it still tastes awesome like @kennufs and his recipe was absolutely where it started. Hopefully this is all cool.


I’m glad you liked it and have been able to work with the recipe, it’s made keto incredibly easy for me. Let me know how the Dymatize Elite goes, I’m curious how the flavor will compare to the NutaBio, which I’ve found all around impressive.

I found your blog post from today about it after I went looking for a link to your sales page for the OP. What did you find needed updating in the nutritional values? I always try to source everything as reliably as I can, usually pulling from the USDA/Nutritiondata when possible, but am always looking for better info if it’s available.


I had previously corrected the coconut flour for ketofood (it was WAY off what the label showed) so I pulled that over in place of the one you had, then most of the other ingredients I also pulled over from my other recipes with different amounts since they have the costs and sources I like. I did use your heavy cream ingredient but I changed the prices and source on that. I spent the better part of an hour on Psyllium Husk, going over if it should be considered NET carbs or not. USDA classifies it as a “Functional Fiber” (as opposed to dietary) meaning that whilst it is not digested and has no usable calories/carbs it still performs a biological function in the body and shows up in the “soluble fiber” category, but since it’s not for realsies digestable and not NET carbs I decided to put it into insoluble so my net carb calculation would be MOAR accurate. I like all my ingredients to be ones I’ve personally messed with and matched up the nutrition label to the USDA reference, especially for keto where every gram of carbs counts.


Hey @chris_bair , very cool. In the past I’ve purchased both People Chow and your Keto mix, which I suspect was your own blend and not @kennufs 's blend. It looks like his / her blend is made with pretty good stuff. Once I’m not of my current formula, I’ll buy some more to try it.

Thanks @chris_bair and @kennufs for your replies!