Anyone have Soylent near Mass General Hospital? My dad can't eat


Hey everyone,

My father recently had a Laryngectomy for Larynx Cancer. He is inpatient at Mass General trying to recover.

He is breathing through a trach but they are trying to allow him to eat normally without a feeding tube. He is losing weight fast and he’s been trying to eat lots of different things but he keeps choking. Thick milkshakes seem to be working the best right now. Thick liquids are easier to keep out of the trach than thin ones.

So, in the interest of trying to help him get out of the hospital and/or avoid the feeding tube, I am looking for a way to get him some Soylent ASAP to try to get him the energy and nutrition he needs in a form that he won’t choke on. I already ordered some a few months ago, but haven’t gotten it yet. Does anyone in Boston have a supply they’d be willing to sell me?

Or, is there some way to contact the company directly and try to get them to help me out? I haven’t found one.



Thanks axcho; I’ll tag @JulioMiles.


You may want to tag @JulioMiles. Also, there are DIY producers such as myself who can sell you some Soylent-like meal replacement powders on a quicker schedule. I can try to rush your order. Let me know if you’re interested.


:confused: sad to hear… if you can’t find anyone able to provide some fast enough, you may look for a commercial alternative like Ensure plus? I heard people talk about it a bit before… main downside is it’s high in sugar, but besides that it will provide ‘decent’ nutrition


Hi Mike,
Costco has a product called Kirkland Complete Nutrition Shake. Has way less sugar than Ensure and tastes about like slightly vanilla flavored milk. I bought a case on line and I think it was about 48.00 for 24 8.2oz drinks.
Might work.


Sorry for my mistake. I didn’t buy the Complete Nutrition on line. Bought it in the store and they don’t seem to have it for sale on line.
I must be losing my mind these days and can’t remember anything right.


@mikemanray- Nestle has a line of products specially designed for patients with cancer:

P.S. If you consider one my product to fill the gap between getting Official Soylent - I can send it today for free.


A vendor called has the Kirkland (Ensure-like) shake in stock, but you probably want something sooner than ground-shipped.

There’s got to be someone in MA.

Would 100%Food, with its fairly thin consistency and its seeds, be the don’t-choke-or-get-stuck-in-the-trach formula he needs? He’s looking for something with the consistency of a thick milkshake. For this specific situation, something like Schmoylent, mixed thick, might work better. (@mikemanray, check, or message @axcho.) (Really nice offer though @spaceman.)


Thanks everyone,

The hospital is giving him some sort of ‘nutritional shake’ but I don’t know what it consists of. I’m not there right now to check out what’s in it. Hopefully it’s actually decent.

Right now, he’s only able to get down about 2oz in 20 minutes, and he’s exhausted after. He’s getting frustrated because he never seems to have the same nurse helping him with it, so he has to explain his problem again every time someone comes in. My mom is there and she’s helping to try to figure out the consistency that works best. I’ll try to get more details on what he’s actually eating from her later; hopefully it isn’t just ice cream mixed with milk.

Thanks again everyone, I’ll report back when I have an update.



I have heard that plenty of hospitals have okay ‘nutritional shakes’, where their main downside is actually the price. So I wouldn’t worry about it just being ice cream or something. But couldn’t hurt either finding out what he is getting, it might be Ensure?


Even ice cream and milk would be better than nothing–the single most important thing in the short term is that he’s getting calories in him. Longer term, obviously, he needs more than just calories.

I hope it gets easier for him soon. It sounds exhausting for both him and your mom.


Thanks; he’s lost about 20lbs now in less than a month, so yeah, it’s getting pretty serious. At least they’re keeping him hydrated/electrolyted through his IV.


@mikemanray - Any news from Rosa Labs about getting your dad some Soylent?

I’ll reiterate that I would be happy to rush-order some Schmoylent to you, which is very similar (in terms of ingredients, taste, and nutrition) to Soylent, but is of a thicker, more milkshake-like consistency. If I understand correctly, that’s what you’re looking for!

Let me know! :wink: It would have to be in the next day or two though - hope you get this message soon!


@axcho Thanks, I’ll give it a shot! I need to figure out a shipping address for him; I’ll try to get that.

It’s a bit late since shipping won’t run tomorrow for the holiday either. If I put the order in on your site, will I be able to rush deliver it from there?

Thanks again,



Okay @mikemanray, go ahead and place an order on my site now, and we’ll ship on Saturday, since Friday is a holiday. Should arrive Monday or Tuesday.

If you run into any problems, let me know in this thread. Also, add a note to your order on the site so I know which one is yours! :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, the feeding tube went in on Tuesday. The doctors weren’t satisfied with his progress on being able to consume things (they tried lots of things, from different shakes to oatmeal…) and he was starting to contract pneumonia from getting too much fluid in his lungs.

They also went back into his throat and modified some things, so it may be better from here on out. @axcho, I really appreciate your help, I went ahead and placed the order with you. Order number 2M266850CE651550L. If you can still get that out to me pretty quickly, I’d like to give it to him. They’re just having him put ensure into his feeding tube now, which is pretty high in sugar and he’s slightly diabetic. He is going to be continuing to try to wean his way off of the tube over the next several weeks.

Thanks again everyone!



Okay, I got your order, @mikemanray, and I’ll ship it out tomorrow morning. Good luck!


Thank you @axcho, I got the shipping notification! I’ll let you know how it goes.



Yes, good luck @mikemanray!


So, uh, sorry for the necro, but how is your dad now?