Anyone having health problems with soylent?

I’ve been trying soylent 1.0 exclusively for a week and half and everything was fine, except for two days ago I got sick,
the first night I couldn’t get warm afterwards I felt intermittently lightheaded and had migraines, the first nice I also noticed that back of my left calf was sore and at first it felt like a pulled muscle but it’s progressively gotten worse the last two days were you can tell the whole leg is swollen and there is for the last two days I’ve switched back to normal food and its alleviated most of the symptoms it could be a coincidence I know it’s flu season in such but I’m not normally sick and these aren’t normal flu symptoms but I also have no allergies and have made no other life changes lately.

I’m probably gonna go see a doctor anyway just to make sure that there isn’t something else causing these symptoms but I’m just curious because I can’t think of anything else ive changed if anyone has had any similar experiences


It sounds like you might have gone from zero to 100% Soylent, is that correct? If so there are all manner of uncomfortable things you could run into. It’s strongly suggested to ease into it over a period of several days, replacing one meal to start then gradually everything else if you really want to go 100%.

If I’m wrong and you already did transition into Soylent… then I don’t know, maybe someone else can offer suggestions.

The first parts sound like withdrawals, but I don’t think anyone has ever experienced a swollen calf from withdrawals. That sounds like an infection of some sort, or perhaps a really nasty bug bite. I can’t imagine soylent caused your calf to swell up, but I’d be willing to bet whatever caused that to happen caused your other symptoms.

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This is really something you’ll have to discuss with your doctor. If it were allergies to something in Soylent, I’d think it would have been apparent in the first few days, but let the doctor know what you’re eating (bring an empty packet, that’ll be fastest).

Pretty sure this will be coincidental, but IANAD.

I didn’t have most of those problems, but I had a rough first week going to 100%