Anyone having trouble with monthly subscription?


After my starter kit ran out, I set up a monthly subscription and got the first month no problem. It’s almost out and I have yet to receive any information about the next months shipment and my account says my next billing isn’t until January. I thought I would ask on here because I am not having any luck with emailing their customer service. The only reply I could get back is that the new subscriptions takes two weeks from the order date. I can only guess it was some type of automated response since I didn’t ask about a new subscription but the continuation of my current subscription.
Has anyone else had a problem with getting a shipment on a monthly basis? I’m enjoying soylent, but if I have to wait a few months between shipments of a month supply, I don’t see any reason to continue it.


Most people seem to be getting their shipments on time, however a few others have also experienced this issue.

Tagging @Soylent to resolve your issue.


I guess I’m one of the few unlucky ones with issues hah. Hopefully they can get it resolved soon. I only have 5 packets left of my current supply, which means I’m going to run out before I can get a new shipment.


It looks like your subscription did not get automatically activated properly, my apologies for the inconvenience! We’ll get your next subscription shipment sent out ASAP! Thanks for your support & patience.


Thank you.
Is there anything I need to do to set it up, or to make sure this doesn’t happen again? When I look at my account, everything looks fine. Other than it saying my next billing cycle isn’t until January, of course.
Also, when should I expect my next supply to be shipped?


I just looked at my account and, though the shipment day has changed from January, it is now saying the end of November. Will I not be able to get a shipment sent out right away? I do appreciate you looking into this for me, but this seems like it’s still quite the delay. I set up my subscription in August, after waiting over a year for my starter kit, and have only received one months worth.