Anyone in Mpls/St Paul interested in splitting a DIY batch?

I am looking for someone in the Twin Cities to split a batch of one of the Soylent formulas online. It would be a formula that most closely mirrors the USDA recommended values.

The one I have in mind costs $400 for a batch of ingredients that would last a very long time. Therefore it would be great to shop locally with someone, then adjourn to a place to open the jars and split the ingredients to take home.

I’m not looking to create a weight loss, soy free, gluten free, vegan, or performance formula. Just the DIY Soylent formula that adheres closest to the USDA formula.

Because we need double packaging, we may have to include some airtight tins in the purchase.

It would have to be on a Friday afternoon or weekend.

Hm… When you say ‘a very long time’ what kind of time frame are we looking at? I have 8 weeks of Soylent ordered, so I doubt it will be terribly long before I get mine, but I might be interested.

I like this formula here:

But some of the ingredients have a 150-day (or much more) supply. I don’t want items sitting around until they expire… If i could split these by at least 50% I’d feel better.

Looks like it’s got a bunch extra of most stuff, but I probably won’t eat 2200 odd calories like it has, so it seems fine to me (not that I would know haha). If you’d like, I could try and rope in a roommate of mine, we could split it into 1/3 portions, or some other amount, depending on how much you want. Or maybe 50/25/25% or something. Tell you what, lets take it to PM’s in some form or another and figure out details.

I can’t figure out PMs in this system!! Just not seeing a button for it.

Anyway, ping your roommate; I’d actually like three or four people on it. But two or three would be OK too. Drop me a ring when you’re certain whether he’s in or not.

I’m OK with picking up in my car and doing the shopping. Really, with receipts, we need only meet to split the ingredients. Unless you’d like to go too.

Yeah, I can’t figure it out either haha. Could make a throwaway email account or something and just put it on here, then give a real one with it. Or IRC or something. 2014 baby, woohoo.

Do you have a scale? I don’t. I’m cool with you picking it up then we divide it out. My roommate doesn’t want any unfortunately.

I can be an intermediary until you have a higher trust level. I’ll PM both of you and pass the stuff back and forth.
Edit: I sent both of you a PM, and it looks like it created a type of private thread. You two should be able to work it out in there.

Still looking for a Soylent DIY partner in MPLS. Interested in the blend via the link above. Not willing to try a blend that overshoots the RDA by hundreds of percents.

Ready to buy and mix now. Initial investment for 14 day’s supply will be approx $300 apiece.

While the idea has some appeal, that recipe looks terrible, honestly. Bad omega ratio, low fiber, MSM, excessively expensive, a lot of the ingredients are unnecessary 1g lines…

I’m getting ready to do a batch, but it’s going to be along the lines of one of these:

Which would cost less than $250 for 30-60 days’ worth of the non-milk ingredients.

MSM is not needed (and in fact can cause more harm than good in the way of sulfur farts) if you are getting a complete amino acid profile from the protein.

Exactly. A recipe including MSM is one of my easiest “this recipe has problems” tests. If the recipe doesn’t meet the sulfur limit, either the protein source is deficient, its information isn’t entered correctly, or there isn’t enough of it.

Also, despite saying “no big overages”, the Potassium level in that recipe is VERY high, and likely to cause headaches.

Edit: Found the thread discussing sulfur in Soylent and DIY:

I tweaked that recipe for you. Here:

Same ingredients (minus some you don’t need or weren’t using, and swapping Soybean Oil for Canola), corrected the Sulfur amount for the CytoGain, adjusted to fit the standard nutrient profile. A month’s worth will cost you $350 total if the prices are right (I only checked a few).

Thanks! I really like the micronutrients in that Garden of Life stuff. The offer is open to anyone in the Twin Cities to split a batch…