Anyone in NYC want 1.8 powder that's way too sweet?


I have a bunch of boxes of 1.8 that are too sweet for my liking. See, e.g.

Ordered about 6 months ago. Going to throw them away if nobody takes them.


Contact the company; my bet is they will replace the powder but won’t want the sweet stuff back.


Yeah, they did. I still feel bad about throwing it out!


I received some of that Soylent 1.8 Powder too, but I didn’t want to throw it away. I found that if you add some cocoa powder (not the pre-sweetened kind) it tastes better. Cocoa powder kind of tames the sweetness and my brain expects chocolate stuff to taste sweeter than normal anyway. Just open a bag once in a while.


I live in NYC, I’ll take it if you haven’t thrown it out yet.