Anyone in the Philadelphia area using Soylent?


Just wondering if there’s anyone on the boards from Philly who’s already received their soylent, I’d love to here about your experience


Philadelphian here, waiting for my 2-month order. What part of the city do you live in? I’m near Fishtown, just past York St.


I’m about 1 mile on the other side of the Betsy Ross Bridge, still waiting on my 2 months too.


Been on DIY for seven months and Soylent shipped Friday and per Fedex it will be here next Friday :smile:
Wait, you’re not asking so you can come rob our Soylent? :wink:


I live in olde city now, I just moved here from Northern Liberties


Haha not quite, although I do have something slightly shady in mind. I don’t want to wait 10-12 weeks for my first batch of soylent so I was hoping to find someone with equally grey morals who wouldn’t mind using their re-order priority status to my advantage