Anyone intaking 4 to 5 bottles a day?


Just was wondering if anyone is reaching for 4 to 5 bottles a day to meet the 2000 daily cal intake if not at least the 1600 intake?

The other thing that I found is I’d need 130 bottles and the max cases you can get of variety pack is 10 which is 130 bottles. I’m guessing I’d have to do one order with 10 cases and another separate with just a case.

That’s roughly a little over $400 a month. Another question to ask is, does that sound sane for those of you who budget? I think I can SV Chicken and meet my calorie intake for a lot less outside of business hours where I rely on Soylent the most.


Soylent RTD is definitely not for those who are on a strict budget. It can help you out, but as you say, the price starts adding up fairly soon.

I think a mix between powder and RTD would me much more doable.


My TDEE is closer to 3000 calories a day since I exercise and have an active job. I don’t consume Soylent exclusively (although I’ve done 30 Day Challenges in the past), but if I did I would need 7-8 RTD bottles per day or 1.5 bags of powder every day. That comes to $20 a day for drinks or about $13 a day for powder which is $600 a month for drinks or $390 for powder.

I’ve calculated my daily food costs in the past and I tend to average around $10 a day. Exclusively eating Soylent isn’t practical financially imo.


On the days I don’t eat solid food (probably 3 or 4 days a week) I usually go through a whole 2000kcal of powder AND either two bottles of RTD or a bottle and some chocolate Scmilk… ie 2800 kcal or so. But then I swim, bike and run more than enough to cover the extra 800kcal.


What exactly is RTD and Scmilk?


Ready to Drink (ie Soylent 2.0)… shmilk I believe it’s now called “milk fuel” from Super Body Fuels… (powder added to whole milk)… good stuff but more work than Soylent powder and obviously RTD.