Anyone know when the next weekly update is out?


Please!!! This radio silence is killing me. Just let us know where things stand.


NOT a good idea for a thread-title.

Edit: thanks for changing it :smile:


Made me laugh :smile:


Sorry. Thought it would be funny. I’ll delete it if I can figure out how. Maybe someone can flag it?


Flagged for moderators.


They are proberbly just to busy getting the shipping done for all you guys ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah man, here I thought I missed a blog post.

Great way to get attention though. A+


Sorry! I just flagged it myself, so hopefully they will delete it soon. I was just getting super anxious for an update and thought this would be a funny way to get JulioMiles attention. Bad call on my part.


Hey @patrickjpf, no big deal. Just go to your original post and click the edit pencil to the right of your Title. You can change the text to anything else you want as long as you’re logged in.


Thanks. I changed it.


It was still funny :slight_smile:


damnit… i missed it… what did it say?


@achemerys The thread was titled “Soylent Update 4/30”


ok thanks… yeah…funny and attention grabbing, but not good…lol


Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?


Did anyone else see that snarky response from an account called “JulioMiles?” I think it was a fake account because it’s been deleted.


I missed it. Will you recap what was said? I’ve sen other references to it, but it’s gone now.


It was a joke. Something like, Julio Miles was going back to his teenager years and didn’t want to take responsibilities anymore, and told that he was playing cards whole day with the rest of the team, drinking beer, having fun and enjoying our money.


Thx. My curiosity is satisfied.


I’m really glad it was deleted. I actually saw right when it got deleted, I had checked the profile page for it to see what was going on, and I even noticed that the name was spelled with a capital i for the L in Julio, which is how the name managed to look exactly the same. I was in the middle of flagging it when it got deleted, which caused the flagging window to glitch out in a kind of funny way, wish I had taken a screenshot.