Anyone looking forward to Christmas dinner?

Is anyone else wondering whether to join the family for the turkey dinner, or whether to stick to a ‘lent’ lunch? I’m getting a lot of grief over the casual suggestion that I would have soylent on Christmas day. Whether I like it or not, it looks like turkey and stuffing for me.


Soylent is for quick meals on my own - most breakfasts, many lunches where I work through lunch.

I’ll be having Christmas dinner with my family, and eating what they eat.


So? Do as you please. Enjoy your Soylent while enjoying their company!


While I certainly enjoy Soylent, I can’t turn down a Christmas meal!


I always look forward to xmas dinner. I think I ate 5 kg of stuffing alone.

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What’s your stack these days?

Over on the MFP forums there are a boat load of people who continue to give themselves a hard time for how much they ate over christmas.

Someone would have to eat 3,500 calories over their maintenance to potentially gain one pound. My maintenance is 2,500-3,000 - so I would have to eat 6,000 calories to potentially gain a pound.

I am going to assume the op might be concerned about the amount of calories in turkey dinner. Since its a family meal and hes not doing the cooking, and therefore wouldn’t be losing any time - unless the op counts spending time with family as losing time…

I guess what I am getting at is if the op’s concern is regarding calories, don’t worry about it.

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