Anyone mixing that wants some side income?


So with the latest version of the non-specific ship “date” I find myself getting a bit impatient, are there any DIYers out there that want to sell me a month or two’s supply?

I’m in fine health despite my current diet, and I’m not allergic to anything short of bullets, so I’m not too worried about minor formulation problems, especially if you’re drinking the same recipe yourself.

Bonus points if you’re in the Boston area and I can come pick it up, but this is by no means a requirement.


We just posted a rather more specific one on the blog :smiley:


Maybe it’s just me, but just putting an upper bound on something doesn’t feel as concrete as giving a date. If I say “how many days until release?” the blog currently responds “well, no more than 70”, which for some reason I find less comforting than if it simply said “70”.

The lack of precision suggests a lack of a precise roadmap of the intermediate time, which suggests that you could hit still more unknowns between now and then. Which is fine, I’d much rather you guys took your time and did it right, its just that allowing you the time you need isn’t mutually exclusive with me getting what I want.


This is what we in the engineering (soft, hard, and everything in between) field call ‘risk.’

As you said, there are still more unknowns to be worked out. Best case scenario it might be sooner, absolute worst case scenario it could keel over after the nth time the manufacturing process or the formula comes back with problems.

Such is the way of a new business, with a new model, and a, for the most part, new product; it takes a lot of experience to be able to pin-point how large such a risk is, let alone be able to calculate how many days out shipment will be available.

Godspeed Julio & team. If nothing else you’ve started one helluva movement that I don’t think will be slowing down any time soon.


@dunmatt We predicted our ship date with the most precision as possible. There are many possible full or partial unknowns and to make our ship date any more precise would be kind of disingenuous.

edit: what @mrob said


Right, exactly. I was hesitant to say risk to avoid possible conflations with risk as in “health risk”.

I totally understand how these things go (my own croudfunded project is over a year behind schedule!), I’m not asking for a ship date, the current estimates are fine, it’s just that I’d rather not wait that long if there’s a convenient alternative (namely, buying it from a hobbyist).

Edit: @mrob , basically it’s just like what we in engineering do, if something is happening too slowly throw money at the problem :wink:


“The first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time, and the other 10% of the project ALSO takes 90% of the time.” :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting in on that too. I’m too lazy / uncoordinated (in the ‘work on projects’ sense) / don’t have workspace to do it myself.


I am willing to do this. Unfortunately in early August I will be moving, and in my new living situation it will be a lot harder to make soylent (I will have no house). Therefore I am going to accept orders through Saturday, July 27. I might accept orders after that, but I’m making no promises.

Here are the recipes for which I have access to the materials:

  • The hacker school soylent recipe. This is a low-carb, chocolate-flavored recipe, made by a professional chef.
  • My general, all-purpose recipe. I can make it chocolate or vanilla, and I can make it with soy or whey protein.
  • My almond flour based recipe. This recipe is optimized to taste good, and it does. It’s more expensive, due to the almond flour. Also I experienced some stomach irritation with it, I think due to the quantity of almonds. YMMV.
  • I am working on a recipe for solid soylent using my materials, which I should be posting soon (like tomorrow).

I will also do customizations of these recipes, if you tell me what you want. E.g., more calories, low-carb, high fiber, etc. I am also willing to consider doing recipes other than these.

I’d have you pay the shipping, pay for materials, and pay $10/hr for my labor. As a very rough estimate, I think it takes me about an hour to make a week’s worth of soylent. The materials cost might be more than what is listed on the templates, because I’ll have to buy many ingredients locally to get them quickly, and when I order ingredients online (which I’ll have to do for a couple things), I’ll have to pay a premium for fast shipping. I will, in good faith, look for the cheapest source of ingredients that I can get in a timely fashion.

I am in Michigan, and I can ship to the U.S. I have no idea whether I can ship outside the U.S., but if you’re outside the U.S., and you do the research into customs etc. and find that it will be fine, then I can ship to you.

Disclaimer (1) is that I cannot guarantee that these recipes are safe or will work for you. Disclaimer (2) is that I haven’t tried storing any of these recipes for a long time, so I don’t know their shelf lives. In theory the shelf life should be quite long, but I just haven’t tested it. You might consider putting your powder in the freezer if you’re worried.


Can the Hacker School Soylent recipe really be considered “low carb”?

It calls for 130 g of oat flower, 75 grams of sugar and 20 g of cocoa powder…that’s a fairly standard 200+ g daily regimen of carbs.


“Low carb” is a subjective statement, I took it only to mean that it was lower than the general purpose recipe. I ordered a month of each so we’ll see, I’ll post again if I can feel any sort of difference between the two (I kinda doubt I’ll be able to, about the only food differences I seem to feel are when I eat too many habaneros).


@bigbriar: That’s a good point; it’s only slightly low carb.