Anyone notice refund policy change(or apperent change?)


So they apear to have changed the way the offer refunds to new orders, oh well


Well as you said, it looks like it’s only for “new orders”. And as a food thing, 30 days sort of makes sense (and in fact, seems generous given that it lacks any “not opened” clause).

The main reason for refunds so far has been delays, but once new orders are smoothed out, you’re gonna know within a month whether you need a refund. I really doubt they’d apply this policy against any delay-caused refund requests.


Well what happens if I do a reorder, and it takes longer than 30 to ship, but before it does i decide I want a refund? That would be quite fun.

EDIT: I says “purchase” not after delivery


This is them preparing for when they can fill and order within a few days of receiving it. I would hazard a guess that at this stage, if it hasn’t shipped or isn’t queued to ship within a few days, they will still give a refund.


That looks like a canned refund notice. Likely they haven’t edited it yet, especially when Julio answered a refund question earlier today.