Anyone noticing neck pains on Soylent?


I am currently on me 7th day of using Soylent. I used a 6 day regimen to build up to 100% Soylent consumption (3 days of 1 meal a day, 3 days of 2 meals a day and then 100%). Well today is my first day 100% and I started noticing neck pain on the morning of day 2 but today it was especially bad. I am wondering if anyone else has had neck pain as well or perhaps other muscle pains that you didn’t have before Soylent. It is very possible that this is not caused by Soylent and that’s why I am searching for other possible experiences that match mine.


sounds like dehydration…make sure you drink plenty of water. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep muscle cramps is sign of not enough water. Drink more water. :slight_smile:


I haven’t gotten any other signs of dehydration however. Is that still dehydration?


Also you might me tilting your head back more when drinking the soylent.


That seems like something that could be very likely.


You’re not drinking enough water. Idk why that manifests as neck pain, but it does for me as well. Drinking a liter of water fixes the problem in about 5 minutes.


Yes, but she isn’t always around so there is a nice balance there


I started experiencing it when I increased my fat intake (which resulted in greater thirst needs). So its possibly related.


It is not dehydration… I can promiss you that. My own experience was that my first day I had Soylent I got headaches about halfway through my Soylent… I was drinking water on the side. I had more water than I normally would have had before my headache started… It is a tension headache from the back of the neck… in other words, neck pains = tension headache for some as the same group of “muscles” that are causing the pain, can also give the headache when “tensing” up.

From some quick googleing… my guess is that these muscles are basically getting an “overdose” of vitamins and minerals compared to what they normally have, and because of that “adjusts”… there is also something about sodium/potassium ratio, which I actually think is the most likely culprit.

This is just google warrioring and throwing out brain farts as no one has yet to come with a clear answere as to why many experience these initial “headaches/neck pains”


I iced my neck yesterday and thankfully all the pain was gone so I am thinking it was just some sort of strain not related to soylent. However I will still consider this a possiblity if it happens again down the road.


my theory is that it is related to the Soylent, not that icing the neck wont help… but it is a temporary problem regardless


Interesting.10 chars


Yup. Soylent has much more potassium then most people (Western diet) typically consume, and much less sodium (45% DV IIRC…), so maybe? It’s worth noting that these two important electrolytes work in tandem, contributing to the cellular voltage gradient in opposite ways.(1) So high potassium may amply the effects of low sodium.(2) Headaches can be caused by tons of things, but they are also a symptom of low sodium intake.

(2): “The more potassium we consume, the more sodium is excreted through urine and out of the body.”


Very interesting. My buddy at work gave me a few days worth of his DIY People Chow. I had a glass for breakfast, and 1.5 glasses for lunch. On the way home from work that day, I started getting what felt like my worst hangover headache yet. When I got home, I took 2 aspirin and slammed a couple beers (and a lot of water), and it still didn’t go away. The dull ache persisted…it was not muscle pain though, it was literally just like a hangover, the pain seemingly emanated from the center of my brain. BUT, a different friend of mine gave me a couple days worth of official Soylent, and the only problem I had was gas. Felt fantastic otherwise. I wonder what the real, functional difference was?


Could be caused by almost anything. Did it come back since you iced your neck? Maybe it was unrelated muscle pain.

Make sure you put the extra sodium in your Soylent and drink plenty of water in addition to what is in the Soylent.


male DRI for water is 3.7 liters per day. Depending on how much water you mix in with your Soylent, you’re probably only getting about half that with just Soylent, so you definitely need to drink extra separate from Soylent.


Definitely not dehydration. The other day, I put some extra Mega Men Sport in something (been experimenting) and got that particular ache at the base of the skull almost immediately after eating it. Went away after an hour or two, but it’s definitely related.

Pretty clearly a reaction to a high dose of something, but hard to say what (probably not potassium, either, Mega Men doesn’t have much).


Yes it has returned and this time it doesnt seem to be leaving even with icing.


This goes for both of you (Duskwave and Garrettm), I would suspect an imbalance in some micronutrient.

I would look at any medical issues you may have, total diet (Soylent, DIY or official, plus anything else), and maybe plug it into the DIY site to get an idea of all the nutrients.

There are multiple things that can cause headaches and muscle pain as far as diet goes. Unfortunately if you tried the easy things already, this might take some time to figure out. Also unfortunately, I am only familiar with the common issues. I am not a nutritionist or physician, I am a regular guy who looks at diet and nutrition through the lens of science.

The more information you can document here and get more eyes looking at it, the better. If your situation gets worse or we are stumped, it might be worth a visit to your primary care physician.