Anyone on DIY Keto Soylent?


Hi There:

Background: I was unable to continue to use Soylent 1.0 due to gas/rapid weight gain issues. I’m back on my normal low-carb diet and dropped the weight I gained while on normal Soylent. I really miss the convenience of Soylent, so was thinking about trying DIY.

I wanted to see if anyone in the community had tried both a DIY Keto soylent, and soylent 1.0? Do you have a recipe to share that would be comparable in taste? I really like the taste/convenience of 1.0, but I need a low carb/high fat/high protein version. Links would be great.

BONUS: If anyone has a days worth of keto recipe they could send to me, I would be more than happy to compensate for time/shipping.


I’ll throw my hat into that ring. (s)oylent Red

I haven’t tried it myself because I like having carbs in my diet. It could probably use some flavoring.


Hi James,
sorry to hear about your problems with Soylent 1.0. Some people have problems with gas and others don’t, it might help to introduce it slowly into your regular diet. There is also a new 1.1 version being shipped that is supposed to be better for gas.

Regarding your rapid weight gain issues: please be aware that when you are on a low carb diet your body generally stores much less glycogen in your muscles. Each glycogen molecule is surrounded by 6 or more water molecules, so there is a lot of water weight that is lost or added when switching to or from low carb diets. The rapid weight gain you experienced was likely just water from the increased carbs in Soylent. This would all happen the first few days and then level out. You don’t report how many days you tried, but unless you went longer than a week and were seeing weight gains during week 2, I doubt you were seeing anything but changes is stored water.

There are several Keto recipes, just goto the recipe page and search for keto tags, however you are not likely to find anything comparable in taste. Carbs are distinctive and Keto versions don’t have them by definition.

If you just want low carbs, but not all the way to keto then you are welcome to try crude food 1.1, if you don’t add the fruit it is 30% carbs and of course you can always add more protein and oil to lower that ratio further.

Just my experience, but it is hard to make a good tasting Keto version. YMMV


@axcho at makes and sells a chocolate keto formula (in two different calorie amounts, Joshua Fuel and John Fuel). He sells one-day samples.

He also does custom blends and will work with you if you don’t like the chocolate flavor.


James - I can look when I get home but I think I have like 2 or 3 days of Quids NYC Ketofood dry. It was bagged maybe 2 months ago but is in ziploc bags. I have no intention to sell it but if you simply “want it” I’m happy to send it to you. I attempted the recipe awhile back to try and kickstart some weight loss and found that it never held my appetite and I found the mouth feel and taste to never be something I could look forward to. that ultimately led to me eating things on the side or skipping it entirely and I ultimately moved on. That being said, shoot me a message and I will check tonight and let you know what I have left.


Thanks! It looks easy. I’ll check it out.


Thanks - I was really wondering about the taste and mouthfeel with a DIY Keto soylent, and appreciate the feedback.

I’ve always suspected that my body is more carb sensitive than others, and I do really well physically and mentally when I limit them in general.


Here are my experiences with DIY keto so far


I ordered this and was able to subsist on it without issue. I have since purchased the ingredients and started making it myself. The only modification I’ve made is to add 3 packets of Splenda per pitcher, as I wanted it sweeter.


Thanks man. Appreciate the feedback.