Anyone on Soylent official formula with ADHD?


I’m curious about how soylent affects ADHD symptoms. I’ve often noticed that my attention span can vary wildly depending on how I’ve been eating, and I’m wondering if a nutritionally complete meal replacement might help get rid of my focus issues altogether. Is there anyone currently taking Soylent that has ADHD (or ADHD PI aka ADD) that can comment on this?


I’m two days in. Results are good, but I take stimulants, so it’s hard to gauge if it would have any effect on me at baseline.


I get my one week’s worth sometime next month. I’ll let you know what happens then. I know the multivitamin I take helps me alot, so Soylent should be the same. I don’t take stimulants or meds, so other than the vitamins, I should be able to get a fair idea of the effects.


No I bought the ADHD-free version. lol…


ADHD is often mis-diagnosed, agreed. But it is a real disorder… even in the absence of milk and gluten ( I’m lactose intolerant ). Just to clarify this.


I’ve had great results using our DIY soylent. I’ve been on and of ritaline for 10 years now. Soylent tends to make me much more focused especially when combined with caffeine.


Just realized I completely forgot about this thread.

To summarize, yeah. Soylent rocks for my ADHD self. It not only matched the benefits of my multivitamin, but I’d even say it exceeds it. My best results have come from adding a little extra oil.


What vitamin were you taking, just a standard multi?


I was using Green Source from Puritan’s Pride before.


Time to reply to my own thread after just over a month of Soylent. My negative ADHD symptoms are dramatically reduced on Soylent. My biggest problem now is that I’m getting less sleep just because I can and I never feel like I get enough waking hours in a day … I’m down to 4-5 hours a night from 7-8 … which causes me to have drowsy slumps during the daytime at work. When I get enough sleep though, I feel amazing, and my brain functions. Heck, even with 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I have my hyperfocus back, which means I can get tasks done that would have been impossible 2 months ago.


What oil do you add?


I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but I have noticed that on Mondays after a non-soylent weekend I can’t focus on my work. But the next day after being back on Soylent I’m fine.


I got some extra bottles of the official blend. I believe it’s just canola and fish oil, though.

I can relate to the sleep issue. I can feel like I’m ready to crash at any moment on the way home, then the moment I get on bed it’s like “oh right! The internet is a thing!” And then I stay up at ungodly hours. The extra oil helps with impulse control though, which helps me avoid distractions at night.


Just curious since you mentioned sleep has decreased , are you taking it for dinner or breakfast or all three times?


I’ve always been diagnosed “inconclusive”, but everyone I know thinks of me as having strong ADD. Starting on Soylent was very reminiscent of starting on Adderall (only ADD med I’ve tried and am still on), only moreso. That is, I didn’t notice increased focus so much as a decrease in the distraction of drowsiness swings. Energy is solid throughout the day until its the healthy time to go to sleep. Which is usually when I make the unhealthy decision to drink coffee…


My symptoms of ADHD have been dramatically reduced from Nootropics (piracetam+cognitex), I can only imagine that soylent has helped, if for no other reason than not giving food comas I was getting on less healthy food which could take several productive hours of time away in a single day.

I started cognitex and piracetam just a few days before starting soylent so I don’t know how much soylent is a factor in this shift (the nootropics impacted me the same day I started them), but I have turned into a completely different person as a result of improved cognition, memory, verbalizing ideas, and focus since introducing these things about 2 weeks ago.


Note to self… Try nootropics…


95% of my calories. All day long.


Personally I think soylent is worth a try for anyone with adhd or general focus, or general mental energy level issues. For me, my mental energy can fluctuate quite a bit, and in unhelpful ways. But since starting with soylent my mental energy seems way more even keeled and my thinking ability is much better. Is it the soylent, is it the way better nutritional completeness and balance, is it because I instantly quit all forms of simple sugar and cut way back on coffee? I tend to think all of the above.


I vote for the increased DHA.

The above article may be a bad example. I didn’t read it. If interested I can post a better article Monday.