Anyone pooling orders to save on shipping to Canada

I’ve been wanting to try 100% soylent for a while now but with the canadian dollar tanking and soylent price going up I’m baffled.

Is there any group ordering large amounts to save a little? Is it encouraged…

I’m in Montréal btw

Shipping is free to Canada as far as I understood?


Ok I had not realized I never got to order yet. Then the only rebate would be the quantity and only for those with the old pricing grandfathered.

@dandan – You could also check out which is a Canadian-based Soylent spinoff (a DIY from, shipping is included in the price, and I think similar prices as Soylent or less. Could save potential customs or other fees.

Some background from the creators:

They have different versions with different macro ratios (eg, high protein for bodybuilders, etc).

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Great information thanks!

For what it’s worth, I live in Toronto and my order was shipped in two days. It was shipped from Mississauga actually. I’m guessing they have a warehouse full of soylent packages ready to be delivered to Canadians without having to cross the border.


So no silly border hassled and fees…hummm

Now Im hesitating between soylent and biolent. Never thought I’d have more and not less choice!

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I’m in Montreal and have been getting it shipped here since it became available in Canada. There are no shipping costs and I get my orders within about 2 days… I’m a little confused by this post.

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Nothing to be confused really. It is an enquiry to see if there were any benefits to pooling orders in order to save.

I hope it is more clear now.

Also thanks for the many replies. I was happy to see that there was no border fees to worry about. That’s pretty impressive Soylent.

As for the alternatives I was impress with the biolent high protein formula. I wonder if anyone has tried it.

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@dandan – I’ve just placed an order for a 28 meals package of Biolent to give it a try. My bf has split the cost of a shipment of Soylent with a coworker. So both are in the mail now.

When they arrive, I’d be willing to sacrifice 1 day package of each to mail to you to try them out if you want. Let me know.

Although keep in mind the Biolent I ordered is the original, not the Flex version you prefer, nor the Green version. Besides macro ratios, I’m not sure how the actual taste might vary between these versions.

For me, ultimately both Soylent & Biolent contain ingredients I’d rather not consume regularly on a long term basis so I’m working on a DIY. However, I figured they are still healthier than my current diet in the meantime. Also, I’d like to get a sense of how these products taste to compare with my DIY formula.

PS – I’m located in Toronto.

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Thanks for the shoutout @foodinapill. We’re always excited to hear our customer feedback so please reach out if you have any comments or concerns!

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Foodinapill that’s very kind of you.

I will also look into buying a range of replacements and maybe making my own though unlikely as I’m pressed for.time a lot.

What is like to see is how to integrate those wonderful micro nutrients that are found in various foods which are being shown to be cancer fighting or brain protecting like in blueberries and other colored vegetables.

So I’m thinking how can I eat enough macros and micros with enough calories to spare to add berries, pommegranate and brocolis and garlic etc…

That is why the high protein or low carb versions were of interest to me

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@dandan – Yes I was thinking similarly at first. Ultimately, I “solved” that with Vega One in my DIY formula. Pricey, but 2 scoops covers almost all vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, as well as a chunk of my protein needs, so saves money on other ingredients. Of course, if you’re up for consuming lots of fresh vegetables & fruits with your Soylent or Biolent, nothing beats that (IMO – I know Rob & some other Soylenters might disagree).

I totally get it about DIY being a hassle. I mean one of the major reasons people are interested in products like Soylent is for convenience and time efficiency. That’s why Soylent could release their formula, starting this whole DIY movement, and still not worry from a business perspective about it affecting their success. I could see myself struggling with perfecting my DIY formula, eventually throw my hands in the air, and just buy an existing product instead.

Anyway, I don’t mean to derail your thread. :smile:

Derail away lol here’s more:

I’m hoping to get the anthocyanins, flavanoids, restera troll, catéchins, tanins and even a dose of caféine for the morning portion lol etc

It would be a great business idea for Soylent to have a cutomizable formula that we could use to order and each invidilual formulae is kept on file. A mechanized bagging process would have no problem with that as it like making smoothies at a juice bar lol

Just another quick “there’s no shipping cost for Soylent in Canada” post. 3 days to ship, it came from Mississauga, and no shipping fee. And I live in BC.


When I researched other Soylent alternatives – Biolent, Schmoylent, Joylent, 100% Food, Meal Squares, etc – I remember seeing one that did offer customized. Can’t remember which one. However, I think it was currently not operating due to switching facilities or something.

I’m thinking my morning Soylent will be mixed with my coffee, my lunch maybe mixed with almond milk, my post-workout drink mixed with coconut water, and my supper mixed with water. Maybe I’ll try like “cake batter”, etc. for an occasional dessert Soylent. :slight_smile:

Yes I was pleasantly surprised to hear in this thread about no shipping fees, customs fees, etc. to Canada. Re. customs, I wonder how the product is classified at the border (eg, “health & beauty supplement”?) and how the package is labelled (I’m sure it doesn’t say “gift”).

Indeed the actual soylent website is very sparse and since I did not check out my basket I did not see this information.

Btw what nutrients are you trying to avoid and why?

My ideal formula would have all my macros for about 1000 cal low carb keto and I’d get about 400 calories for my trace le me ts nutrients

Biolent is now interesting me too! I’m really pleased that Soylent doesn’t add extra for shipping to us Canadians, but the dollar is SO BAD right now, that a month’s worth of Soylent costed me about $330. That’s way more than I can really afford. :frowning:

But if Biolent is Canadian, and the prices are CAD, I’m definitely interested in giving it a try. I just wish there was more info on the site…

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@dandan – You can check out my thread about my DIY formula in progress. Post #13 in particular goes into lengthy details of what I’m avoiding, what I’m choosing, and why.

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