Anyone selling their DIY?


I believe Soybean Oil is basically what most stores call vegetable oil. I searched through 3 different health food stores for Soybean Oil and they all looked at me like I was an idiot. Got home and look at the vegetable oil in my cupboard and it’s made of 100% Soybean.


Yes, good point @warnett, I should probably mention that in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

Olive oil is not equivalent to soybean oil, because olive oil does not have as much Vitamin K (and the taste is more bitter). If you want to use olive oil, you’ll need to ask me for a modified recipe.


@axcho I would really like to substitute the soybean for olive oil, is there something I could add to the three weeks I already received from you to make it meet the carb/protein/fat ratio. If it’s a bit over 2000 calories that’s fine.


Sure @muldrowe, as long as you take a Vitamin K supplement, you should be fine using whatever oil (olive or otherwise) you want. Here’s the supplement I use: MK-7 Vitamin K-2 - it’s a capsule of powder, which is handy because you can empty it out into each day’s mix if you don’t want to take any pills.


Awesome, thanks for being so helpful!


So as (I guess) one of the forum’s more regular posters, I’ve been asked by @Spaceman to share an opinion on the new DIY marketplace.

Overall, some of the phrasing and description looks a little rough around the edges, and it could probably benefit from a once-over by someone more marketing-savvy (and I’m sure any such offers would be welcomed), but the idea of a free market for DIY blends sounds like a cool idea. If Soylent is growing as the mainstay of a new genre of food, I see this as sort of a ground for “designer” blends. @rob’s been pretty vocal about his hopes that Soylent kicks off as an overall concept, and this seems like a natural progression of the ‘libre’ formula. I’m not seeing this really as a direct “competition” (which, given Soylent’s current growth and funding, is probably for the best), but it’s an interesting satellite option for pursuing variety.

So, short version, for those interested in buying/selling DIY blends, the above link is the beginnings of a DIY marketplace.

The DIY marketplace seems to be taking off

More shipments going out today! :slight_smile:

Pictured here is a box of People Chow Plus going out to @warnett, my first repeat customer, and a box of People Chow Plain for @rebecka_flatt. Other boxes of Plain going out today not pictured.


just finished 2 box’s of plain as well :smile:


Really excited about this!!


USPS pickups confirmed and tracking numbers sent! :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in buying 2 week’s worth of People Chow if someone can pm me. Getting a little antsy waiting on Rosa Labs to start my futuristic lifestyle :stuck_out_tongue:


I ordered 1 week of People Chow- Plain from @axcho and the new website on 6/2/14 and got my tracking number the next night. Should be here friday (fingers crossed). I’ll come back to this thread as a review/vote of confidence of the process for anyone else curious about it. Now if I could just get a tracking number for my 1 week of Soylent… o.O


Thank you for making purchases at DIY-soylent marketplace. It charges our battery like soylent our bodies. +3 new members will announce their offers soon.


Guess that’s me? =)I have People Chow - for Olive Oil and a low calorie version of People Chow for Olive Oil, the latter being what I’ve personally been eating for the last couple months. Both are essentially the same thing but one has less Masa (and calories) in it so it works out to 3 “meals” a day instead of 4.


Update: 6/7/2014 The post office has marked my package “Delivered” and it is most certainly not- I was the only person working in the office- where it was shipped- that day and not a soul came by with mail. I visited the post office Friday and asked around, they didn’t find it in the back. I got in contact with someone a little higher up in the local office and he said he talk to the delivery person and call me back. That’s been 2 days ago and I have called back multiple times and heard nothing but ringing.

Has anyone else had a package in this situation? Any advice on hitting the proper channels to find it/ claim the insurance?


@Owenleejoeking - when shit happens - I normally resend a box at my expense.
Since we earn on that - we, sellers, should care of such risks and carriers we use.

From your side - if you find your box or get insurance - it would be nice if you share it with your friends to spread soylent in the world.

@axcho - if you need help in this case, I guess we can cover it from the cooperative marketplace funds.


@Owenleejoeking, ugh, that’s not good. :expressionless: Okay, a week’s worth isn’t too bad - I’ll go ahead and send you a new batch for free. How does that sound?

In the meantime I’ll look into USPS insurance…


@axcho - you’re a the man.


More orders are ready to ship out, thankyou for being so patient and i apologize for not being able to ship earlier due to an error from USPS which we are sorting out with their slow customer service. :frowning:

Just so everyone knows these orders were completed some while ago and are awaiting shipping, the problem was not with production so much as with USPS. We are doing our best to solve it and at the same time work around it and trying to design a solution.

These box’s will all be getting to you soon and i will be taking them down to the postoffice myself in person since the USPS pick up service that we were testing turned out to be extremely unreliable.

I apologize again :frowning:


Thanks for posting the photos, @iEnvisionary. :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ve been having issues with USPS, unfortunately. I’m currently talking with @Spaceman about sharing his account with TNT, an international shipping company. Hopefully we can get that sorted out soon!

The latest round of orders pictured includes those from @amy, @kayjay and @Foulzor, as well as a number of people who have placed orders from my new website.

Oh! Did I mention that I’ve been working on a new website??? :smiley: :wink:

Yes, please check it out, and let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback. I just finished the first draft of all the writing today, and the next step is to take nice photos of each recipe!

Here it is: Custom Body Fuel by @axcho :slight_smile: