Anyone slightly nauseated after drinking 1.6?


We must have similar taste buds – until now, I have liked all versions except 1.4 (which I truly hated), but my favorite was 1.3. I hope you get to the craving stage because I would regard it as a hopeful sign. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to drink enough of the 1.6 to tell whether or not it makes me nauseated later. At this point, it tastes like rancid oil to me – with a bitter, synthetic aftertaste that is hard to get rid of – and has a snot-like texture that makes it really hard to swallow…


Not craving it yet but I’ve been through 2.5 bags which honestly, by now i’d have been through maybe 3.5 so I’m not really looking forward to drinking it like I was with past versions. It’s just the weird sweetness it has. My mind goes through descriptive terms when I taste it: old, medicine, chemical…sometimes I wonder if this is what radioactive GI test drink stuff tastes like. I even get memories of Milk of Magnesia. I dunno. Not really pleasant and absolutely not neutral to me.


I ate 2 bags of 1.6 just fine. but then my 4th bag, my GF and I both got sick the day we ate it, with me receiving the worst of it about an hour after I ate it, my body was forcing everything out of me…through both ends.

2 weeks later I finally decided to try it again, the 4th bag did the same exact thing to me, an hour or two after consuming it my body was telling it to GTFO, again through both ends.

I never got nauseous or sick on 1.5 at all.


That sounds similar to the experiences some people had (including me) with v1.1 or v1.2, the one with “digestive enzymes”. About an hour after drinking a glass I and others became physically ill. The strange thing back then, and I’ve have to look up the old threads, is that it was the same or about the same bag from the same box for us. My memory tells me it was the 2nd bag from the 2nd box but back then for several people but I’m not sure.

While I’m still not craving 1.6 I’m making friends with it albeit slowly. Now I tend to just chug it to get it over with as fast as possible.


[quote=“Archov, post:8, topic:25952, full:true”]
I ate 2 bags of 1.6 just fine. but then my 4th bag, my GF and I both got sick the day we ate it, with me receiving the worst of it about an hour after I ate it, my body was forcing everything out of me…through both ends.

2 weeks later I finally decided to try it again, the 4th bag did the same exact thing to me, an hour or two after consuming it my body was telling it to GTFO, again through both ends.

I never got nauseous or sick on 1.5 at all.
[/quote]Was the bag opened or damage during shipping?

I haven’t had any issues with 1.6 thus far.


Hey guys. I’ve just vomited up the second meal of pure 1.6 I’ve ever had, and I also vomited up the first meal of it on Sunday.

I’ve been on Soylent since the beginning and none of them have ever made me sick (although - thinking back, the earliest versions did give me terrible gas but I was in good company then and it’s been a long time since that was a problem). But having been through all those versions, I’ve learned that weaning myself off of the older one and onto the newer one is the best way to go.

So I carefully, over a period of about 5 days last week, decreased the 1.5 and increased the 1.6, blending them together in the same container and felt fine the whole time.

But then Sunday, I made 500 cal of 1.6 for breakfast, spaced out in sips from about 7am to about noon, and then had half of a leftover sandwich and chocolate mousse around 3pm. And an hour or two after that, everything - all of it - came back up violently. I blamed the leftovers even though they had only been in the fridge since I had eaten the first half of the sandwich and mousse Saturday for lunch. Sun evening was able to keep down some breadsticks from PapaJohns but that was all I could imagine eating.

Monday was spent recovering, so no Soylent at all. Just the rest of the breadsticks and a little tapioca pudding before bed (ran out of breadsticks and I have nothing else to eat in my house that seemed appetizing).

Today, Tuesday, I went for a morning run, then did some work and got hungry around 11:30am, made myself a fresh batch of 1.6 and had about 200cal over the span of about an hour. Felt sleepy so took a nap and an hour later woke up to a very upset stomach, ran to kitchen and out the 1.6 came, all of it I’m pretty sure.

WTF? Sad and confused. And still a little nauseous.

I’ve had 6 Soylent bars with no issues since they were delivered a week or 2 ago.

I should note that I was supplementing 1.5 with salt, protein in the form of peanut flour, and a small amount of Benefiber. It worked well. I have an active job where I work outside, plus I’m running and doing other activities a few times a week so I felt like I needed more protein, and I have very low blood pressure. I’ve been told low BP is fine as long as I don’t have symptoms, which I don’t, but I can’t give blood without supplementing with salt (plus I don’t get dizzy so easily). The fiber was just because I’m female and have read that I need more fiber than what 1.5 was providing.

So anyway I haven’t changed the supplements since switching, so I’m going to look at that. But would those things really cause outright rejection of the 1.6?

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks, all. Sorry for the gross parts.

edit: I was wrong, the first vomit of today was not all of it. The rest, a small amount, came after another couple of hours laying on the couch feeling like crap. But afterward I felt great except for weak/ hungry so went to the store for some BRAT. The first thing I ate was a banana which was both scary and delicious. But it seems to be staying in so I’m going for some rice now :rice: If all goes well, applesauce and toast are so happening tomorrow. Fun times.

edit #2: Ate no Soylent on Wednesday. Thursday morning on a flight to Louisiana I had a Food Bar. At MSY it came back up and let me tell you the ladies rooms at that airport are disgusting. I felt like a shell of a human the rest of the day.

SO that’s it for me. No more Soylent for a while, maybe a very long while. :frowning:


I got pretty queasy after around my 4th meal of 1.6. But I suspect in my case it is a reaction to the sweetness/flavor, not a reaction to how the stuff behaved in my stomach.

I stopped eating 1.6 after that. Anything that makes me feel sick when I eat it is not something I want to keep trying!


I think I’m in a similar boat with you. Even thinking about the bizarre sweetness of 1.6 makes me a bit nauseated lately. I may just pause my subscription until the next iteration. I tried masking it with flavors but nothing really helps so far. I brought a few bags on a road trip with me last week and ended up just eating out after dumping out a pitcher. I’m just not a fan of 1.6 powder.

I thought 1.6 and I had an agreement but so far we’re not getting along really. It comes down to the weird rancid sugar flavor, like rancid cereal milk or something. I guess it comes down to me not enjoying 1.6 much at all. it’s absolutely not flavor neutral to me and a fairly unpleasant flavor. If I dont’ enjoy it I won’t drink it. I may be done until 1.7.

On the other hand I love the food bars and Coffiest!!


My first two bags of 1.6 were fine. I rather enjoyed them. On the third bag, I drank one glass in the morning; about four hours later I felt ill and vomited till empty. I waited two weeks before trying any again. Today I opened and mixed a new bag, and had a glass. Four hours later, I’m now feeling ill again and likely to expel everything soon. :-\ I guess this version is not for me.

1.5 didn’t give me any trouble.


I had about 500mls around 7hrs ago experimenting with different flavorings and right now I don’t feel so good either unfortunately. Thinking about the flavors I added doesnt’ bother me, but if I think of the odor or flavor of straight 1.6 I feel rather ill.

I actually just had a bout of unpleasantness in the bathroom. I’m beginning to suspect that there’s something in 1.6 that just doesn’t agree with me. It’s unlikely to be soy as I have many many other soy products without issue.


Unfortunately, I’m feeling exactly like Equemily described. I had a very bad experience two days ago when I first tried 1.6. I did no phasing from 1.5 (which my body absolutely loves) and I had a violent reaction to it. I vomited for a few hours, then felt terrible.

I’m really, really hoping they quickly change to 1.7. My daily calorie intake has gone downhill as 2.0 is much more expensive and I don’t want to chug 5 bottles a day (when I could do 3 meals easily with 1.x Soylent)


Since they say 1.6 is much more popular than 1.5, I doubt they are going to rush to 1.7. I love 1.6, but I also love change, so 1.7 would be fine with me.


Flavors on top of 1.6 are imminent.


My fiancé (who liked 1.3 but not versions afterwards) was asking me about Soylent since someone at her office used to use it. Her theory was the oils in Food Bars and 1.6 and people’s difference experiences with rancid oil over their lifetime make for differing perceptions of flavor and bodily reactions to it either physiological or psychological.

She thinks that since some people detect canola oil/popcorn and others like me detect RSM™* from the same or similar batches some people are “used” to oil that’s gone bad on the shelf or in pre-packaged foods or oil that’s turned at restaurants while others may not be used to it. So some people associate it with foods that have oils that commonly have time to turn or at least age while other people don’t usually consume those foods so do not have a baseline for the range of oil flavor. I never consume popcorn because I hate the husks getting stuck in my gums. She also mentioned that oils do degrade slightly in any heat.

So someone who’s used to bad or older oil may detect canola oil/popcorn while those that aren’t used to it detect something off or odd about it.

Just her thoughts but it kinda makes sense. It fails to explain why people end up vomiting and rejecting soylent at both ends but could help explain the weirdly different flavors people detect from the same batch.

  • Rancid Sugar Milk


Just read the thread. I’m totally in the same situation with you folks. My story:

Last Tuesday, I had a single serving of Soylent
1.6 powder mixed at the normal ratio that morning, for lunch at Noon. At
3:30pm, I started feeling ill, and by 3:45 i was throwing up. I threw
up 3 times total, and felt generally OK after that.

I got rid of that batch of Soylent.

This morning (6 days later), i opened a new bag of 1.6 powder, made a
new batch and let it sit in the fridge until noon. At noon I had
another glass (1 serving). Its currently 4pm (EST), and I’m feeling
queasy again.

I’m on the final 2-bags of a 1WK-V6 box. This batch was manufactured 07-20-2016, best by 07-17-2017. Batch #L6188.

I had no problems with the first 5-bags of the 7 in this box.

I’m a fairly long-time regular user, coming from v1.2, to 1.5, now
1.6. I consume Soylent roughly 3-5 times a week during lunch M-F.

Update at 4:20

Yup, just pulled the trigger and puked 3 times. Feeling better but not 100%.

75-100% 1.6 drinkers: tips and tricks?

This describes my experiences just the same.


Wow. So I made a ‘meal’ with a frozen bananna, and chocolate almond milk with 1.6 last Tuesday. 3 or 4 hours lately, the neausa started. After a few minutes of WTF is going on, I had to RUN to the toilet and vomited violently. I happened to be on the phone with my poor Mom who had to listen to me vomit for about 5 minutes straight before I get get back on the phone. I’m talking heaving projectile vomiting, that only compares to that of a stomach virus I had a few years ago. Two or 3 more sessions of vomiting followed by wretching, and I was better-ish. Fortuantely, I was working from home that day. What if I had been on the train (the horror). Felt like hell the next day and chalked it up to, too much coffee and not enough food. Granted that has never resulted in vomiting.

Ate some this morning and am currently at work. Not sure if it’s psychosomatic or not, but I’m feeling just a touch quesy.

This is not good. I really like Soylent (though the flavor/texture of 1.6 isn’t my favorite) and I don’t want to ditch it. However, I sure as hell am not going to drink it if it makes me violently ill.

Any word from Soylent? This is clearly not an isolated event.


I am 100% Soylent 1.6 for 40 days and haven’t even thrown up once. This is clearly not an isolated incident.


Hey, great for you, and so clever of a response.


I can’t tell if this is just a Hasty Generalization or a Group Attribution Error. If this were a logical argument I’d think lemma but what do I know…relatively thinking :wink: