Anyone still doing 100%


I know that doing 100% Soylent was all the rage as an experiment several years ago. Is anyone out there still doing 100% or close? If so how long have you been doing it and how has it been on your health etc?


Are you considering the prospect of trying it yourself? I know you had mentioned doing so in the past, how did that go?


I never did 100%. I didn’t see the purpose. I have been at least 75% ever since I found Soylent. My first year or so were DIY since Soylent wasn’t available or gave me horrible gas.


I go through 2000-2800kcal of Soylent (and some chocolate Schmilk) most days. Only eat solid food if it’s free or for social reasons although new GF is applying pressure on that last one.


I did 100% for about 2 weeks last month. Does that count?


My wife and I have been doing 100% for two months. We’re on the bottles. We now order direct from Soylent. We’re into it at a rate of $600 a month.

I can make great anecdotal claims about weight loss, depression management, menopause control, and period mitigation – but those are all likely individual successes that may not transfer – but they also explain why we’re going into week 12 with no determinative end.



I would love to know your experiences!


It was around week 6 at 100% with everything changed for us. Like a switch was turned on and 30 years were ripped away, and there was a return to solace, and thought, and extra focus.