Anyone still doing 100%

Are you considering the prospect of trying it yourself? I know you had mentioned doing so in the past, how did that go?

I never did 100%. I didn’t see the purpose. I have been at least 75% ever since I found Soylent. My first year or so were DIY since Soylent wasn’t available or gave me horrible gas.

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I go through 2000-2800kcal of Soylent (and some chocolate Schmilk) most days. Only eat solid food if it’s free or for social reasons although new GF is applying pressure on that last one.

I did 100% for about 2 weeks last month. Does that count?

My wife and I have been doing 100% for two months. We’re on the bottles. We now order direct from Soylent. We’re into it at a rate of $600 a month.

I can make great anecdotal claims about weight loss, depression management, menopause control, and period mitigation – but those are all likely individual successes that may not transfer – but they also explain why we’re going into week 12 with no determinative end.



I would love to know your experiences!

It was around week 6 at 100% with everything changed for us. Like a switch was turned on and 30 years were ripped away, and there was a return to solace, and thought, and extra focus.

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I started 95%-100% Soylent January 1st of this year. Still going strong. Down to 249 from 280 starting point. Life is really good. My knees don’t make any noise anymore and I am down 2 notches on my belt. I have energy all day and don’t feel like taking a nap in the afternoon anymore.
I am a 37 year old AF vet and when I got my tests done this year they said my blood and everything was looking really good.
For flavorful drinks I drink coconut Bai’s and Sparkling ICE zero sugar drinks. For treats I eat an occasional date or can of asparagus.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is each a 400 calorie chocolate soylent scoop in water. 1200 calories average minus snacks.

Side note: It is totally all in your mind. Once you get this far in (63 days) things have already changed so much in how I see and understand things. I KNOW that tomorrow I will have constant and full energy just like I did today. I KNOW that I wont have acid or struggle to fit into my pants. I KNOW that those people who spout 2000+ calories a day are 100% wrong(I sit at a desk all day and don’t require that much to live). All of my skin has cleared up too.


I may tend to spout 2000 calories a day because that seems about right for me. But you are quite right. In fact, one weakness of consuming measured amounts of food vs say cooking your own is that there is not much help provided in choosing the right amount for you, so the tendency is to consume a whole bottle. (My tendency with ‘real food’ is to eat whatever is on my plate, which is worse for me than a bottle of Soylent.) A friend of mine often drank just a half a bottle of Soylent, but I imagine that’s rare.

Yes, I noticed I had to quite reduce my calorie intake after I got out of the Air Force. I just wasn’t as physically active anymore.

It is good to work out how many calories you need daily. Smaller stoves or slow burning stoves don’t need 8 sticks of wood. One size or rule doesn’t fit all - is just what I am trying to say.

Now… when I do get back to running daily I am sure that my needs will change. I will base it off of how my body feels and if I lose energy or feel starved all the time at that point.

Soylent bridge could help with that. I’m testing that out now. There are times when I think the full bottle is more than I really need. I’m going to use bridge at those times. Also using it today to come down off of a high carb day yesterday.

Day 87: 246.6 lbs.
33.4 down from 280.
No heartburn, clear skin, 2 more notches available on my belt, and no more noisy knees.
Life is good :slight_smile:


this is amazing! can you elaborate on the “depression management” part?

It’s all about predictability and lessening mendacity. For those who may suffer from depressive episodes, having something clean, resolvable and resilient, like Soylent, that can cover your health from all angles, and that you need not worry about caloric intake or other diet matters, means weight loss management becomes invisible, and knowable, and takes a three-times a day life event off the page and into practice.

Today is day 100, both for the year and being 95-100% on Soylent.

Weight at start: 280 lbs or 127. kg
Weight today: 242.4 lbs or 109.95 kg
Waist at start: 44 .
Waist today: 40.

I will say that this experience has changed at how I look at food. I don’t live for it anymore. All in all, it has been a really good experience. I still have 40-60 lbs to go until I am in the green for my height to not be considered obese. That should be around September time frame.

Day 101 weight: 240.8 lbs


Your story is inspirational. I have only started my Soylent journey about two weeks ago and I’m only doing 2/3 of my calories, at least for now. I have already lost about 10 pounds and although I have a long road ahead of me, I believe I will succeed based on my experience thus far and on the experiences of others. I wish you the very best.

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It takes time to adjust but once you get it… it becomes easy and even second nature the further you go. What soylent are you drinking? I enjoy v1.9 Cocoa. Drinking chocolate every day works best for me and never gets old. Least not yet after 104 days, so I think I am safe to say it wont get old.

10 lbs is really quite awesome. That is 10 less pounds you have to carry around or feel every day! Good job!

Hi All,
Today is day 113 and I weigh 236.6 and am almost down 5 inches on my waist. I hope you all are doing well!
And yes, I am super healthy and happy! 43.4 lbs off that I don’t have to carry every day.
I just want to encourage you and to let you know that if you can deficit in calories, even just a little, that over time it will be worth it!


I did 100% soylent for 1 month and it was awful… I felt weak and headachey and couldn’t poop lol! I also never felt full or satisfied